Can one be a complete and total jerk to a cop without breaking any laws?

I’m curious, if one were a complete ass to a cop, are they breaking any kind of law? Let’s say a cop pulls you over, and asks: “Why are you driving so fast?”

You reply, “I’m in a hurry to get over to your place so I can screw your wife before your shift is over.”

Or: “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

“Because you got crappy grades in high school?”

Now, obviously, this is a guaranteed method to get a ticket, and unadvisable, but is the jerk breaking any kind of additional laws? Must one treat cops with respect?

I suppose so if you don’t mind having a cop on your ass every time you get into your car.

Scene: teenage boy pulled over for speeding. Mouths off to cop. Cop proceeds to find mechanical violations to said teens [del]shitbox[/del] car.

Girlfriend: You idiot, shut up or he will keep writing
Idiot: He’s out of room, no more violation lines on the ticket.
Girlfrend: You idiot he has whole book of blank tickets.
Cop: :smiley:

The moral of this story is: Don’t write a check with your mouth your body (or wallet) can’t cover.

Up here in Canada, RCMP officers have a certain amount of discretion in how they deal with a given situation. And as a general rule, if you are polite to the police they will use their discretion and let you off with a warning.

Always be polite to cops. They may not all be nice people (although I sure most are nice) but if you decide to be rude to them, you will pay the asshole tax, guaranteed. And that tax can be pretty steep. A mouthy guy up here got himself shot in the back of the head when he decided to get into a drunken tussle with a cop. Cite.

Be polite! Play dumb! They will let you go!

Be rude! Act a fool! They will shoot your ass!

Your choice.

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Contempt of Cop is always a chargable offense.

Hey I saw you take a swing at that cop…

I’m sure they could get you for obstructing an officer or wasting the police’s time. I think they can pretty much find a charge for anything nowadays. When you said the part about going to his house (or even his grades), you could possibly be charged with resisting a police officer by telling a false story.

A friend of mine replied to a Cop writing a ticket, who asked him why he didn’t watch his mouth a bit more, with: “I have to either pay a ticket, or kiss your ass. Not both.”


“The road to truth is long, and lined the entire way with annoying bastards.” ~ Alexander Jablokov ~

That’s pretty awesome.

According to Wasting Police Time, a book by a British policeman, it’s an offence to swear at a cop. One of the first anecdotes in the book involves arresting a foul-mouthed complainant.

How is getting into a drunken tussle the same as what the OP is describing? The question is not “Can you assault a cop?” No-one would deny that a cop has the right to defend himself from assault, but that’s hardly the same thing as just being an asshole.

Also, if the cop had pulled you over for 12 over, maybe he’ll write that ticket for 22 over.

No, they aren’t going to shoot you for being an asshole. There will be a tax to be paid though. Additional infractions they suddenly discover, the speed bumped up by a few miles per hour, rolling stops, there’s always something. Like DWMarch said, there is a definite “Asshole Tax.”



But what if he did have shitty grades, and you were going to nail his wife?

I think that would make it even more important not to mention these facts.

Every cop I’ve been stopped by has a real sense of humor. They like it when you mouth off and will probably join in with humorous banter of their own and will likely let you go without even a warning if you can keep it up long enough. If they ask you to step out of the car it is probably to share dance steps.

My dad was a cop, I rode along with him once when he was responding to a noise complaint at a county park. He was just going to warn the group about the noise and move along, but one of the guys started getting mouthy and said something like “Just get the fuck out of here, pig”.

My dad’s ticket book came out like lightning and he had 6 or 7 violations written up in about 5 minutes. He even wrote the guy a ticket for parking on the grass, when he had maybe 2" of tire off of the pavement

They know the law better than you do. They know the state statutes and all of their trivial technicalities. Trust me, everyone is breaking the law in some fashion and if you piss them off, they will find it.

There’s a story that when Diogenes was told that if he learned to flatter the king he wouldn’t have to live on lentils he replied “If you learned to live on lentils you wouldn’t have to flatter the king.”

There’s a video out there that I’m sure someone else will be kind enough to post for the benefit of the thread readers. A highway patrol officer somewhere here in the states (Tennessee, maybe?) pulls over a speeder in a truck. The officer’s car has a camera with sound, so the whole scene is recorded.

The driver flips out on the officer. I mean, really insane. Screaming and cursing at him like you would believe. The officer remains completely calm and writes him a ticket during the tirade. As the officer starts to hand over the ticket, the driver snatches the ticket out of the officer’s hand, tears it up and throws it on the side of the road. The officer, still completely calm, recommends that the driver pick up the ticket or he’ll be cited for littering. Still screaming, the driver gets out, picks up the remnants of the ticket and drives off. I believe the officer mutters “Have a nice day” and walks back to his car shaking his head.

I don’t know what kind of valium that officer was on that day, because I wouldn’t have blinked if he’d shot the driver.

Please, someone find this video.

I saw a epsiode of COPS a while back where a woman was being a smart ass in response to the cops question on why she was driving so fast (none of your business) where are you headed (I don’t have to tell you) is something wrong (none of your business), and he didn’t give her anything on top of the speeding ticket. She wasn’t cussing him though, just being a wiseapple.