Can one year's worth of Cool Whip fill the Grand Canyon?

According to the Kraft site it does, but my brain is calling bull on this one… the grand canyon is pretty ginormous. Maybe this is some PR guy’s stroke of genius?

According to this site:

I can’t find how many cool whip containers Kraft produces in a year. Considering the enormous numbers involved in mass production of stuff like this in the U.S. and abroad I don’t find that too hard to believe. Personally, I found this harder to swallow:


1 cubic yards = 1 615.7922 US pints

52 billions cubic yards is about 14,000 pints for every man woman and child on earth. I don’t know about you but some one else is eating most of my share.

I’m not gonna do the math, but you could maybe fill up a 30-story office building with the world supply of cool whip.

The grand canyon could probably hold 20 million of those buildings.

One year’s worth of MY supply of Cool Whip would not fill a thimble. Geez, what does everyone have against a little real whipped cream once in a while?

I love these sorts of nearly unverifiable, random statistics.

“You know, if you filled all the drinking straws from McDonalds used in a year with all the Cool Whip consumed in a year, the resulting chain would stretch from here to the sun and back.”

What does that even MEAN?

Well I guess it means it is not as far to the Sun as I thought.

No, it’s still 93 million coolwhipstraws, just like we were taught in elementary school. :smiley:

What *is * Cool Whip?

Yeah, that’s gotta be bullshit—especially when you consider the fact that the entire biomass of our species isn’t even a cubic mile. If you take the cube of 5280 and divide it by 6 billion (arbitrary figure I pulled out of my ass for the population of the world), it works out to about 24.53 cubic feet per person. So if you took every man, woman and child on the planet and liquefied them in a giant blender, it would probably occupy about a quarter of a cubic mile or so of volume—a box say 5000 feet on a side, and 1000 or so feet deep. The Grand Canyon probably occupies thousands of times this volume.

Fake whipped cream.

This is (unsurprisingly) false – but it’s not made up out of whole cloth.

Dr. Adrian Upton, (now head of neurology at McMaster University’s Health Sciences Centre in Ontario, Canada) observed that set gelatin, when wiggled, gave a positive EEG reading.

A “positive” EEG reading is not something that a healthy adult human will have, though. “Positive” isn’t necessarily positive. When it comes to an EEG, a “positive” result confirms abnormal electrical activity.

In the case of wiggling gelatin, this is likely some sort of low-level piezoelectric effect.

Dr. Upton has contributed much more in the way of practical understanding of the workings of the human noggin than the Jell-O urban legend might lead us to believe. :smiley:

All right, let’s work backwords.

52 billion cubic yards is roughly 1.34433911E15 US fluid ounces. 1 tub of Cool Whip is approximately 8 US fluid ounces.

That would be roughly 1.68042389E14 tubs of Cool Whip per year.

Now, if some one really believes they could produce that many tubs of Cool Whip per year, I’ll attempt to disprove it in another way.

On average, Kraft Foods produce 15 thousand million pounds internationally in food stuff (PDF). This isn’t just Cool Whip; it’s their entire yield.

In reality, it is 0-16% of this, but we will use the entire yield.

That would mean that each 8oz tub of Cool Whip would be about 11200lbs, or nearly 6 tons.

They must be using really heavy cream, eh?

You know, just being allowed to read such a question as the OP is reason enough to send $ on a subscription to this board…where the hell ese on the web would this even come up?

The is purely speculation, but knowing how companies come up with some of these numbers, I have a feeling that what they are referring to is stacking Cool Whip containers on top of each other, forming a giant wall basically. In other words, it fills the Grand Canyon from bottom to top, and side to side, not in sheer volume.

Maybe, but that’s like altering the meaning to “walling off” the Grand Canyon. If we’re allowed to change words, how about changing “fill” to “cover”… so maybe they mean a year’s worth could cover the surface (to some tiny thickness)?

Besides, they have another example of mac and cheese boxes laid end to end… the Grand Canyon one doesn’t mention boxes or containers.

Well, they don’t say which man. I can think of a few people who have Jell-O for brains…

In the book Science and the Paranormal , edited by George Abell, there’s a chapter on those old “Plants are sentient!” things One of the pieces of evidence used to support this was the appearance of EEGs, in which the machine was “hooked up” to the plant by attaching electrodes to the leaves (!) with, IIRC, gelatine.

The scientist critically investigating this noted that you got signals from an improperly connected electrode, especially when the gelatine began to dry out and shrink.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing was happening here.

bolding mine.

Does anybody find it strange that they assert not that it could but that it will fill the grand canyon? Are they really planning on dumping a whole year’s worth of cool whip production into the canyon?

Well it’s either that or eat the damn stuff.