Ways to eat Cool Whip

I picked up a tub of Cool Whip and it has a new design for the cardboard on top. It shows six different things to do with Cool Whip. One of then shows a heaping spoonful and declares, “Eat like ice cream”. My life has been vindicated.



I endorse this event or product.

In her cookbook Alice (Remember Alice? Arlo wrote a song about Alice) states that anything topped with whipped cream will be a hit.*

*I know some people who would end whipped cream with a spoon.

I think a distinction must be made between Cool Whip™ brand non-dairy topping and whipped cream. Even though they are often used interchangeably, they barely exist in the same universe.

If Reddi-Wip ever puts suggestions like that on their packaging, I hope they have the nerve to make #1 “Wrap lips around nozzle and spray directly into mouth”. Anything else would just be dishonest.

Frozen spoonfuls of Cool Whip between graham crackers, yum!

My wife used to keep fat free Cool Whip in the freezer. I accidentally left it on the counter one day and noticed that it retained it’s structure even after warming up. I contend it uses polystyrene as a stabilizer

A spoon is traditional. While still cold a fork works ok. Other ways to eat it? I dunno, maybe with your hands, or when it’s melted enough with a straw.

I saw a recipe (together with photograph) once in one of Mom’s magazines:

Our Favorite Dessert
1 biscuit
1 strawberry
1 blueberry
1 cherry
43 cans Redi-Whip

Cool-Whip on Jello was a childhood favorite of mine. But no, it ain’t whipped cream.

Not your hands. Just a finger. Because you’re only having one little taste. Or maybe two. It’s been three seconds, you can open up the fridge and get another little taste. . . OK, two little tastes. How 'bout a couple more little finger tastes. Let’s go back and have one more. . . Hey! Who ate all the Cool Whip?


I like the taste (not to mention the oddly rubbery consistency when it’s still “frozen”) of Cool Whip better than ice cream or whipped cream.

My wife’s family has a traditional side dish that they make for pretty much every family gathering, which they call “fluffy Jell-O.” It consists of:

  • A box of Jell-O
  • A container of Cool Whip
  • A container of small curd cottage cheese
  • A can of fruit (typically pineapple chunks)

There’s no real prep involved – one just mixes the ingredients together.

Surely the Jell-O is prepared before mixing with the other ingredients (before the Jell-O has a chance to set up).

I make that with lime jello. My kids called it ‘green slime’
The jello powder is just stirred in the cool whip and cottage cheese

Your family is Lutheran, and is from Minnesota. Right?

I made something like this (actually a Watergate Salad) on a lark to take to a potluck at work. Even though we’re in the heart of its Midwestern origins, no one got the joke and it sat untouched until I took it home. Where I ate it with no qualms.


Speaking of Jello, Cool Whip is a great icing for Jello cakes, where you mix the prepared-but-unset gelatin mix with the batter of a cake mix. It’s one of my favorite kinds of cake that is made with a standard mix. Strawberry or cherry tend to work best, in my opinion.

As Beck notes, no, you don’t actually make the Jell-O – I just asked my wife for the instructions, to be certain of this. She says: “You pour the powdered Jell-O onto the cottage cheese, and mix it in. You then add in the fruit, once you drain it, because you don’t want the water from the fruit in there. Finally, you fold in the Cool Whip.”

Well, it’s my wife’s family. Yes to Lutheran, no to Minnesota (they’re from Chicago). My wife tells me that they first found the recipe in a cookbook which their Lutheran church (here in suburban Chicago) published, decades ago, with a collection of recipes from members of the congregation.

before they made chocolate cool whip a kid i knew would take a can of hersheys …dump it in and mix it up and eat it straight from the container

Are we suggesting non-spoon ways to eat Cool Whip? Cuz I like it dolloped onto toasted (frozen) waffles, so it melts into the squares.

Then I just eat the rest of the damn tub.

Don’t judge me.