Creamy Jello?

Once, I ate some creamy Jello. Thought it was mighty tasty. So, yesterday I added cream to my Jello instead of the cold water, figuring I’d get creamy Jello. Nope. What I got was an unholy home version of Jello 1-2-3 where there was a a dark colored creamy layer on top, and pale Jello underneath. Almost like the cream had leeched out the coloring whilst segregating itself.

Where did I go wrong?

Dear Og, I can’t believe I screwed up Jello.

I believe creamy jello is made by beating air into the jello with an electric mixer after its made the traditional way.

Was it really Jell-O? Maybe it was Junket. (mmm, Junket.)

Hmmmm…hadn’t thought of that.

Don’t know if this is what you have in mind, but

  1. make some jello according to the usual directions but in a bowl at least twice as large as you need, and let it sit in the fridge until it’s just barely not set, as in, it’s basically firm at the edges of the bowl but still a thick liquid in the center. (IME, this is roughly 2.5 hrs, but no doubt that varies depending on a slew of factors.)

  2. Give the jello a good stir to mix the solider parts up with the rest.

  3. Carefully fold a tub of Cool Whip into the jello using as few strokes as you can, iow, just until the whole mix looks the same instead of being streaky white/jello color. (Not stir, fold in. See a cookbook for directions if you need them.)

  4. Chill at least another couple of hours.

The result has a texture about as soft as instant pudding and a nice creamy feeling in the mouth. Let me recommend the combo of black raspberry & extra creamy cool whip. Yum.

Screw all that folding in of Cool Whip. WAY too hard. Just make jello as you normally would and buy a tub of Cool Whip. Then, scoop yourself a bowl of jello and put a bunch of Cool Whip on top. Done!

What a barbarian! I expect you think sucking on a lemon, swallowing a packet of sugar, and drinking a glass of water gives you the same experience as drinking lemonade?



…I have been grievously misled.

And I’m gonna say you’re both barbarians. With the whisk attachent on a mixer, some heavy cream and sugar, and 2 minutes later you’ve got real whipped cream, rather than that nasty, waxy, film the inside of your mouth like lard, cool-whip.

Make your own whipped cream, you’ll be glad you did.

I’m sorry to report that whipped cream didn’t, in my experience, hold its ground when faced with Jell-O. Cool Whip it must be. (Unless maybe you try one of those packets of stabilizers?)

I thought it was cream cheese that was added to make it creamy. However, I am not a person from whom you would want to take cooking advice, so I am likely wrong.

I’m sure I’ve seen a serving suggestion where it was made up with some of the water replaced with tinned evaporated milk; supposedly to give a texture somewhere between mousse and blancmange.

You know, after your posts in my pie crust thread and now this one, I can see that you are person of refined tastes.

Cool whip? Feh!

I like the whipped cream in the spray can, like Redi-Whip. Delicious on fruit and desserts and friendly people.

According to the Jell-O website, StarvingButStrong is correct. While the recipe I linked to contains fruit, you don’t have to add the fruit.

For a faster, easier version check out this recipe for essentially “creamy Jell-O pie” - same thing, only in a crust. Just leave out the last step of “spoon into a crust”.

Sour Cream or Vanilla Yogurt is used in this one, which looks like a time-consuming pain in the neck.

You have brought back some unbelievable memories of growing up in the Midwest. Every recipe listed above was a staple at my family’s pot luck dinners. All that is missing is your recipe for mock-apple pie made out of Ritz crackers (because lordknows, apples are rare and expensive).

Thank you for reminding me why I never ask for recipes from my family or relatives.

Sure…nothing wrong with chemical crap desserts, but in the time and effort to make frothy nutrition-free desserts, you could make real pudding, or real fruit bars or…who am I kidding. I had this argument for 40 years with my relatives and never won. If you can’t beat 'em, lick the bowl.

Carry on.

Oh, and allow me to pass on a family pot luck fav: Aunt Carole’s Specialty.

Dmark, that ambrosia recipe is missing mini-marshmallows and mandarin oranges. Otherwise it’s perfecto.

Mmmm, ambrosia salad and creamy Jello. Oh yes, I am in Indiana. :smiley:

(Lucky me going for sweet corn, real tomatos and fresh raspberries after work. Ah, the small pleasures in life.)

Btw, I have never heard of the mock apple pie. That sounds like a travesty.

Ah, [ulr=] mock apple pie was all the rage in the Midwest for awhile. I can almost hear my relatives whooping it up in the kitchen, “and it tastes just like REAL apple pie!”

Let’s try this Mock Apple Pie link.

That Ambrosia recipe is wrong. It needs:
Mandarin segments
Pineapple pieces
sour cream.