I fucked up Jello

I’ve always thought I was a pretty good cook. Been told that several times to back it up.

Mom wanted Jello. I fucked it up. Got a puddle of Cold Strawberry Soup.

What the Fuck, Man? How did that happen???

Did you add something like fresh pineapple or kiwi? Follow package directions? How old was the Jello?

Do you still have the box? Can you fish it out of the trash in a readable condition? It’s possible you got some sort of diet Jello that needed different cooking than the regular stuff.

Or where you trying to make it with sugar and powdered gelatin? If that’s the case, I think you didn’t use enough of the powder. I’ve done that before, it’s kinda weird how a very small amount of something can make such a big difference.

Don’t feel bad – the last time I made Jello it was all watery on top and hard and rubbery on the bottom. :frowning:
I have no idea what the fuck I did wrong.

As far as I know, you don’t cook Jello. Jello is the name for the colored and flavored gelatin. If you’re thinking of Jello pudding, that’s a different animal.

I would guess the most likely culprit is the enzyme in some fresh tropical fruits, as mentioned by Seanette, like pineapple, kiwi or papaya. They will prevent the gelatin proteins from firming up. Canned pineapple is ok, I can attest from experience. But not fresh.

I’ve also successfully used canned pineapple in Jello. Haven’t tried fresh, since I tend to trust “don’t do this” warnings in prep directions.

Even Kelly Bundy was able to make Jello. Did you add too much water? Did you add fruit?

No. Yes. New. Yes.

I figure its just a cosmic metaphor. Karmady.

Probably incomplete mixing of the powder into the water. Just a guess, based on using less water than called for results in a “harder”, more rubbery jello and using more makes a “softer” jello.

You mean like cows for pudding and horses for Jello?

No idea other than maybe incomplete mixing.
But you did remind me of an incident recounted by my wife.

One of her daughters once decided to make a jello salad and the directions were to chill for an hour after mixing all the ingredients.

So she left it on the counter to “chill” for an hour… :rofl:

That’s actually kinda cool.

I think it pretty much has to be one of two issues:

  • Too high, or
  • Not high enough

I’d probably repeat the experiment a few times … y’know … for culinary science.

Too much vodka.

The jello has to completely dissolve in boiling hot water. Add hot water, stir stir stir. I was informed of this years ago, that it wouldn’t set well unless completely dissolved in the hot water first.

My sister’s CO detector was making noise one day. She looked at it and the directions printed on the detector said that if the alarm is sounding to “move to fresh air”, so she put it outside until it stopped making noise.

Sick burn :fire:

Definitely operator error.

I’d complain to the company. Get free coupons for Jello and practice.

The Li’l-wrekker can make Jello.
Wait …I’m not so confident of that last statement.
Ok. She can buy premade Jello. Yep that’s more fitting to her capabilities.

I never have company.

“You want Jello, Ma? Finish your strawberry soup first”

That should buy you some time.