Can people catch diseases from fish?

I might catch some brain-wasting disease by eating the wrong part of a cow or any other mammal, and I could get avian flu from a bird and salmonellosis from a reptile. But what about from contact with or consumption of fish? Of course, I could get heavy metal poisoning, but what about an actual disease? Do fishmongers or fishermen come down with any such afflictions?

There are several, including Mad Fish Disease :eek:

All the afflictions mentioned in the link above seem to relate to handling fish,

so I’ll mention ciguatera which is a kind of food poisoning you can get when eating fish in tropical regions.

A few years back Cecil wrote a column warning of the dangers of the candirú fish. Close contact often results in a painful medical condition whose only treatment (until recently, at least) was penile amputation.

Worms, especially with the growing popularity of raw fish dishes throughout the world.