Can Quo Warranto cases be brought against Trump's businesses?

I thought about putting this I’m GQ but the answer is probably more complicated than a simple yes or no.

What specific illegal activity is being alleged? And which specific Trump holding is being accused?

It’s right there in the quote.

What evidence is there that they are illegal? He has put his businesses in a trust run by his sons. He does appear to be lagging behind in updating some of the paperwork. Even if his empire were in the blindest of trusts, he would still be in a position to benefit from them being profitable, no?

Are you fucking kidding? Do you seriously believe that? Got any cites?

I think quo warranto is largely a dead letter these days. If there is reason to believe that a corporation is violating a particular law, then suit can be brought under that statute. Notice that TPM doesn’t cite any instances where it’s been used in a circumstance like this, and searching online shows it to be a weapon in the arsenal of nutters and tax protestors.

More substantively, as to the hotel lease, even assuming a breach, it’s not clear that a breach of contract constitutes an exercise of “corporate rights, privileges, or franchises not granted them by law in force in the District of Columbia.” As to the emoluments clauses, even setting aside other problems with the claim, it’s not clear whether any law is broken by paying (as opposed to receiving) an emolument.

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