Can rythym people tell me the clap on this

The whole clap on the 1,3 versus clap on the 2,4 for the first 30 seconds? Having a debate with friends.

Whatever it is, they’re clapping for you.


That’s definitely a crowd clapping on the 2 and the 4, which is impressive since white folks are notorious for clapping on the 1 and 3.

Okay I really hope you are right. Because that’s what I was thinking.

I am a fair bit beyond drunk at this point. I was trying to illustrate to a couple Europeans the difference between "white people"clap and “black people” clap and thought John Denver was a safe “white people” clap song. So I googled that and was surprised to find a 2,4 clap song . But some jackass was trying to convince me that was 1,3 , which I cannot follow.


ETA: I did notice that it faded fast. when the singing

If you listen closely, Denver is stomping his foot (or maybe it’s the kick drum) on beats 1 and 3, with clapping on 2 and 4. And actually, it’s “cut time,” so it’s kick on beat 1, clap on beat 2 and repeat. If you try to count it as 4, the timing is off.

Hint: one TWO three FOUR five SIX SEVEN…

As implied I’m not a rhythm person. Can you explain “cut time” in more detail please.

“Cut time” is 4/4 time, cut in half (so it’s 2/2).
4/4 means 4 beats to a measure and a quarter note (1/4 note) gets a count
2/2 means 2 beats to a measure and a half note gets a count (or beat)
So, essentially, it’s cut time or there is another term but I’ve forgotten.

I guess that’s what I thought, but I am having trouble placing it in relation to Burpo’s post. There is a 2-4 beat clapping, but also with a foot beat on the 1-3, but it’s really a 2-2 anyway , so there are really 2 upbeats on every single beat in the song?

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