Can/Should "Suggested Topics" Have an Activity Filter?

Given this board’s historical aversion to zombies, can/should the “Suggested Topics” lists be filtered to only include threads that were last active within, say, the past month or two? I’m gradually learning to look at the “activity” column before clicking on an interesting-sounding topic, but I feel like this feature might be way more useful if it only included more recent threads.

Just today, less than an hour ago, here’s what I saw:

The most recent conversation above is three months old – and the oldest is from 10 months ago! I’ve come across much older topics at other times.

Maybe I just don’t understand the point of the feature…? :slight_smile:

Um… this forum has always been less hostile to zombies than many other forums.

Honestly, I don’t care about reviving an old thread IF there is relevant information to be added. There are instances where there can be a gap of several months or even years between events. Airplane crashes for example - there can be a gap of months between a crash and between a final report on the accident.

In the past when a really old zombie is revived the mods have stepped in to either close it or allow it. I see no reason to change that practice, which has worked well enough for the past quarter century (more or less).

It appears to only pull up threads chronologically which you are “Tracking” or “Watching” that have unread posts, in the current category. So if you want more, newer, threads to read, you’re going to have to start Watching or Tracking more threads.

I guess the reason it doesn’t offer different categories is because not everyone wants to see pit threads or sports threads or politics, etc, so it sticks with whatever category you’re already in.

OK, so, one vote for “no.” :slight_smile:

That isn’t the case. I hadn’t noticed that in my example screen shot all of the threads were from MPSIMS, but that must have just been a coincidence: the list I just got after looking at something in CS included all kinds of forums – including Politics & Elections, which I’m never in (deliberately avoiding that and Great Debates has kept me from getting kicked outta here for the past 19 years). The forum/category doesn’t matter to me, though: I’d simply rather not see threads in the “suggested topics” list that haven’t had any activity in 10+ months – I don’t care what the actual topic is. However, this time all of the “suggested topics” had seen activity within the past 30 minutes! Yay!