Can smoking a hemp necklace get you stoned?

I’ve always wondered that…

Depends on the plant it came from, but probably not.

Generally, in breeding plants, you can work on improving a single characteristic at a time. More than one trait at once is pretty hard.

Hemp plants for years have been cross-bred to encourage tall stems, with long fibers that make good ropes. Anything else was not important to the farmer raising these.

But modern hemp plants intended to produce pot are bred to produce higher levels of THC concentrated in the leaves. Long, tall stems aren’t important. (In fact, they are a disadvantage – they make the plants easier to spot growing in a field.)

So if it came from an older hemp plant, they concentrated on growing long stems, rather than potentency. And if it’s a newer plant, they concentrated on potent leaves – but your necklace is probably not made out of hemp stems, not leaves. So neither one is likely to get you high.

In a word, No.

Well, there’s always the placebo effect.

Don’t forget the effect of inhaling just about any kind of smoke. Lack of oxygen gets you high! You could get a buzz smoking potato chips if you want, you’d just have to smoke a really awful amount.

Sheesh! Don’t give 'em ideas. :smiley:

Don’t forget the green tinged potato chips…they’re the best! :wink:

Not only will smoking fiber hemp not get you high/stoned, I discovered last year while doing research for a school project that fiber hemp contains CBD (whatever that stands for [ah-hah! my google-fu is strong tonight. CBD = Cannabidiol, according to this link]), an “anti-psychoactive” ingredient. Info here.

Rather defeats the purpose of A: buying hemp jewelry and B: trying to get stoned.

Bummer, dude.

Is it that hard to find real marijuana that you have to resort to buying hemp necklaces? Where are you living, in John Ashcroft’s closet?

I was under the impression that hemp and marijuana are two different plants from the same family. I was also under the impression that selling products which contain any THC at all (even trace amounts) is illegal. (I remember a news story about an elderly lady selling hemp seeds and being arrested due to THC content.)

No, both are common names for the plant named cannabis sativa. Though hemp is most commonly used to refer to the stalk or stem of the plant, or rope made from that, while marijuana usually refers to the flowers, buds, or leaves. (Though in the days of sailing ships, hemp was also used as a generic term for for several similar plants that were used to make ‘hemp’ rope.

No, only possession of marijuana (the flowers, buds, or leaves of the hemp plant) is illegal.

Also, hemp seeds normally don’t have any significant amount of THC in them – only the most minute trace amount. You’d need a really sensitive test to show any THC in hemp seeds. Almost any defense lawyer could weaken this charge by questioning the lab tech about how carefully he washes his hands after testing the previous batch of marijuana, since you could easily have more THC left on your fingertips than is contained in a hemp seed.

Only in the Middle East. It’ll get you caned in Malaysia, arrested in the U.S., and laughed at in Amsterdam. :smiley: