Can someone explain Lupus to me?

Someone very close to me has just been told that he may have Lupus. The only information I know about Lupus comes from a soap opera that I used to watch.

The girl who had Lupus wasn’t supposed to drink. That is about all I remember, and I know it’s not the best place to get medical information…

Can you all tell me what you know about this disease?

Thanks ahead of time.


From here.

From the Lupus Foundation of America site:

My BIL has Lupus. It was explained to me as sort of the “opposite of AIDS”, in that the immune system malfunctions and attacks the body. A lot more at the link that I provided.

My sister’s best friend just died (well within the month) from complications due to Lupus. It was quite horrible with one major organ going into shutdown after the other. Her lungs went first (she could breathe on her own, but just barely), then her liver (she drank a lot even after being diagnosed), her kidneys, and finally her heart. Her joints were almost constantly arthritic but she still managed to move around.

When she was talking about it to me one day, she said that women are the primary target of Lupus, especially black women. (She was black.) I don’t know if that is true at all and am interested in finding out. Her case was pretty severe at the end but she had been Lupus positive for around 20 years and died in her very early 50s.