Can someone explain this pic for me:


It’s supposed to represent confirmation bias I think, but I’m not getting it.

I’m guessing those are supposed to be blinders, but I have no idea why they face the back of his head. Eyes in the back of your head are supposed to be coming out of your head, not facing your head. Plus they imply you know things outside your field of vision, not limited to it.

The eyes, which normally look out and see the rest of the world, are looking into his own mind, so he sees whatever he already believes.

I think he’s meant to be looking back inside his own head (brain/mind). So that wherever he looks, he sees only what’s already in his own head. As you say - confirmation bias.

Agreed, agreed.


I think the problem is that it is not actually a very good representation of confirmation bias (or anything else). The artist has not really thought his metaphor through.

Are those glasses? That’s even more confusing.

I can’t look at it without laughing because it’s such a thoughtful sentiment yet the image is so absurdly goofy.

I think it’s also a metaphor for looking into the past; i.e., you’re more likely “seeing” the old and familiar as you go through life rather than the new vistas ahead of you.

Seems close to circular logic.

His vision is blocked by his own head. A metaphor for having ones preconceptions (which presumably reside in your head) keeping you from seeing whats really happening. Seems pretty straight forward, IMHO.

Yeah, but confirmation bias does see in front of you–it’s just filtered by your own perceptions. But in this metaphor, the head is completely opaque. It’s more an example of a theoreticist, or whatever that word is for people who just sit around making theories that make sense to them without testing them.

I think some of you are thinking too hard about non-critical details. It’s not a photograph. It’s just a pictorial representation of “he sees what he has in mind,” which would be one way to describe confirmation bias.

It’s self-explanatory.

Well, that’s what you expected to think!