Can someone explain why he said this??

First off, I got good news today: the job that I interviewed for 2 months ago, the one that I knew I had but I had to be offered officially by HR, was finally offered and accepted today. YAY! I should start by June 1.

So, as I am wont to do when I have good news, I dashed off a quick email to some friends and family. I pretty much said what I just wrote above - the job was offered officially today and I accepted it. Nothing there to suggest I’m just considering the offer, is there?

I got an email back from an old friend (someone I met just before we went to college) and he said “Congratulations! I just head about a possible opening in <insert military jargon here> at Pax River. Would you like me to get more information for you?”

It’s a real head-scratcher. I told him I just accepted a job - a job I’ve been waiting to get since mid February. He congratulated me. Then he asked if I wanted info about another job.

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Any ideas? Anyone?

When making a garden, one should plant more than one seed.


I’m guessing he didn’t read the email carefully and misunderstood what it was about.

Congrats, by the way! One less thing to worry about!

Mayhaps he had another “Reply To” email open and posted in the wrong one as some people are apt to do. :o

Happy Day-Day on the job!

Maybe he’s thinking you accepted this job because it’s the first one you knew about and he felt like he was giving you another option. Who knows? Anyway… woohoo! woohoo! woohoo! congrats on the job we always knew you were getting anyway! :smiley:

C-Bob, I was actually being considered for another position which happened to be at Pax, but it required 40% travel, which was way more than I would consider desirable. And if friend had mentioned this other position a month ago, I’d have said “Sure, let’s see what the deal is.” But my seed is sown, so to speak! :smiley:

Actually, twicks, this guy is a bit of a control freak and I know he doesn’t approve of the commute (40 miles) so I can see him thinking that the job he heard about was “better” for me. I wrote to him and thanked him with a no thanks.

harmless, goodness, no - he doesn’t make such errors. :eek:

swampy, or maybe he’s just a control freak… :wink:

Thanks, all for the congrats! I’m very happy with the way things are going.

swampy, or maybe he’s just a control freak… :wink:

Or maybe he secretely wants to be your interior decorator so he figures if he gets you closer he can convinve you that he’d be better than me. Oh, he’s a sneaky one! :eek:

[sub]Or maybe I have had one beer to many[/sub]

Or judging from the wonderful job of coding I just did, maybe I had one beer to many an hour ago.

Congrats! It’s always so nice when things turn out the way you want them to.

As to your friend, I just don’t know what to say there! Perhaps he wanted you to keep your options open, as has already been addressed here.

I’ll drink a glass of wine in your honor this evening! :wink:

First, Wahoo! Congrats on the new job, may it be as spiffy as you hope. Second, I thought as Swampbear did, that he was offering you more options. Not the interior decorating part, because that’s just inconceivable. Someone who could steal you away, ha! Then I saw what you said about him being a control freak and that’s when a part of my brain went ‘Bingo!’

So you see, you already had the answer to your question, it was in you all along. Probably next to the part that in me says ‘Bingo!’

And unlike Swampbear, I can’t blame any part of this post on anything, except my weirdness.

So thirdly, and in conclusion, congratulations!

Decorator? Ummm, considering he has his wife lay out his clothes because he’s not very adept at what-goes-with-what, I’d say decorating is a long shot…

Thanks, Taters and Ashes[sup]2[/sup] - despite the long commute, I’m really quite happy about this whole thing. I liked the people I worked with there and they’ve added a brand new building since I left 4 years ago, so I get the bennies without having to put up with construction!

Oh, and did I mention, this is a promotion?!? YAAAAAAAY!

Did I mention I could also be a fashion consultant? :smiley:


Well geeze, FCmom, ya don’t have to make it sound SO bad…it’s an honest mistake anyone could make.
:leaves embarrased:

:and comes running back in at the sound of money:

Drinks on FairyChatMom!

Hmm. Her deck shoes and blue jeans don’t need much improvement, IMHO.

WOOHOO, YAHOO AND YIPPEE. It’s a promotion too! That’s great!

A little more moolah is always a great thing!

I am now scurrying off to have ANOTHER glass of wine in your honor.

Not trying to horn in here, but I found out today I was referred for another job…AND…it would be a promotion! Send some of your good ju-ju my way, pretty please?

Taters, you’re welcome to all my residual good luck - I’m finished with it now!

There are two really nice things about the promotion. First off, it gives me a bigger “High 3” for computing retirement pay, and secondly, it’ll enable us to have more cash to put into building our house, keeping our mortgage minimal, so we can (I hope) have it paid off before retirement.

swampy, are you angling for a spot on Queer Eye??

FCM, may I please offer my hearty CONGRATS!!! to you??

I just love good news. Yeah, I’m a sentimental old fool. Well “old fool” anyway.

In any event, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thanks, Missy - I love good news, too - especially good news that was way overdue!
I got to thinking about the friend I cited in the OP. I’ve known him and his wife for almost 30 years - when he and I were in college, I hung out with the two of them because I didn’t have a social life. Being older than most of my classmates and having lived on my own for some years, I didn’t have anyone to date or hang out with.

Anyway, when I was about to graduate (6 months before said friend) - about a month before I was to leave - he and his wife suddenly say “We should have introduced you to <insert name of some guy>!”

Hmmm, so you tolerated my occasional whining over the course of 3 years and in my last month, you suddenly remember you have a single friend who you think I might get along with?!?!? I wonder why we’ve been friends so long. <shrug>

Is it the case that the friend did not know exactly what your field of expertise was before your e-mail? Now that he knows he wants to give you all the information he has gathered. Most people really enjoy sharing their “expertise” with others (I know of this Message Board that works on that principle) and some get so carried away that they can disregard quite what others’ use for the information might be.

People are forever telling me about jobs requiring a Dutch speaker or harpist (my own niches), even though they know I’m gainfully employed. They just see spot an ad in the paper and think of me. I don’t take it as a criticism of my career choice.

And by the way: