Can someone fill in the gaps to 'Dreamcatcher' for me?

I watched the movie ‘Dreamcatcher’ again on TV recently, but there were some things that didn’t quite seem well explained-

1.) How exactly did the aliens plan on invading? Killing off people with some killer fungus? :confused: how was the Ripley spread in the first place?

2.) Who exactly was Dudditz and why was he in the body of a mentally handicapped child? Was Mr. Gray a specific individual, or a ‘blanket term’ for the aliens that were trying to take over earth?

3.) Why did the regular army suddenly up and decide to take over for Blue Team? The premise for Blue Team seemed pretty airtight to me, hell they kept us safe for 25 years, why blow it?

4.) Why didn’t Beaver, Jonsey, and the others not get the virus? Something about Dudditz? They obviously came in the cabin before the quarantine was established, which meant they should have at least been exposed, plus they were all around infected people at one point or another. More of Dudditz’s “magic”? :confused:

5.) Mr Gray is an alien. He observes several humans using mysterious psychic powers, and yet is at a total loss at how this is possible. And yet, the discovery of Dudditz comes as a total surprise to him. WTF?! I’d figure, being a bad alien he is, he would know about wierd psychic powers, other alien races (Dudditz?) and so forth. It seemed kind of stretching it for Jonsey to simply ‘hide’ the knowlege of dudditz from Mr. Gray, leaving him clueless enough for the others to come to the rescue.

I read the book, did not see the movie, and I have no answers for your questions. One thing I do recall is that the aliens seemed to be extremely stupid, and only existed to be carriers because the fungus and the shit-weasels couldn’t fly spaceships. (The shit-weasels were a manifestation of the fungus, IIRC.)