Can someone get that idiot Chirac something to eat?

Jacques Chirac rips British food in front of Chancellor Schraeder of Germany and President Putin of Russia

A few selected quotes:

“You cannot trust people who have such bad cuisine”
“The only thing they (the British) have done for European agriculture is mad cow disease”
“Hamburgers are nothing (compared with British food)”

The staggering amount of stupidity it takes to make comments like this in front of two major world leaders AND reporters astounds me. If I were Tony Blair I wouldn’t take this sitting down. Oh, hell no. I’d tell those French snobs to take their stinky cheese and ram it down their arrogant throats.

You want to know why it’s easy to call the French cheese eating surrender monkeys? This is why. They invite it upon themselves. And Chirac probably thinks he didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, I know he thinks that. Proof:


I’d like to give him something to eat. Something very chewy and sticky that would stop his gob until the G8 meeting was over would do nicely.

Peanut butter?

I gotta say that I’m with Jacques on this one. I’ve seen Two Fat Ladies make breakfast.

So one a single idiot makes a comment and you lambast the entire populace? tough to figure out who the moron here is.

As far as this surrender monkey bullshit, how about a nice cup of STFU from the War Nerd?

Enjoy the education!

Aren’t they down to One Fat Lady now?

I was outraged and first, then I read the article. It sounds more like he was joking than anything else.

I admit that when I went to England I mostly avoided their food, except the fish and chips. That was good stuff.

Damn. I Googled, and you’re right. I will forego the obvious reference to irony.

Well, it’s not like he’s just some guy.
Don’t you think that everyone thinks less of Americans due to what our president says? I’d be surprised if they didn’t.

I see. How about their rules on champagne and mustard, their insufferable language police, and the fact that when a foreigner goes there and tries to speak the language more often than not he’s ignored? Those good enough to demonstrate arrogance? No? Ok, wait one.

I have two words for you: Maginot Line. They had Germany beat in every single quanifiable measurement: men, tanks, planes, weapons, anything, and yet they got dogged in 6 weeks. 6 weeks!

They quit. I know it’s hard to swallow, but there’s no other explanation. They just couldn’t believe that Hitler was coming, and when he did it was like deer in the headlights. They knew right up until Paris was taken that Hitler was just posturing, that they could settle and avoid war.

You know, Chirac didn’t just come up with this stuff by himself, right? Further, as the leader of his country he does, in fact, speak for his people. If what he says and does reflects poorly on his country we all have the right to call him on it. Or does that only apply with our President?

Some of you might remember that I spent a month touring Great Britain last year. The food, with one exception*, was excellent no matter where I went. Sticky toffee pudding should be a world-wide taste treat, and clotted cream is divine.

*The exception was the breakfast sausage. They tasted mealy to me. The rest of the breakfast tended to the excellent, and I’ve actually found a place in the US that sells English bacon, so I’m happy.

Maybe it’s just the names they use. Spotted dick. Clotted cream. Blood pudding. Can’t they at least use palatable labels?

Methinks London 2012 would taste pretty sweet to Blair right now.

Don’t we have a Parisian here that might be able to offer some insight on what Chirac might have been trying to communicate and if something was lost in translation? Clarobuscar (sp?)

I thought it was pretty funny. Nice to know 'ol dour faced Jacques has a sense of humor. Vive la comedie!!

PS: Been to Britain, been to France. Gimme French cuisine any day of the week.

If it was a banger, it was supposed to taste that way. The British like their sausages filled with “non-meat” items, I think. :smiley:

As for Chirac…given that the French populace just voted down his pet project, he’s going to be a little testy. The French think they are the best at everything, especially compared to the Brits. They are wrong, of course. Just goes to prove that world leaders can be stupid, no matter what country they are from.

The FACT when a foreigner goes there…

That is simply misinformed bullshit. I’ve been to France many times, and it’s pretty much the same as over here. There are some loudmouth asshoes, but for the most part, the people are quite friendly and respectful of who you are. It’s no different from saying Americans are all fat McDonalds eating Nascar watching Bumpkins, and we all know that ain’t true.

I think it’s important for you to realize how stupid and ignorant you sound when spout off these cliched generalizations.

So Americans are pussies because of Vietnam? Somalia?

Go comment on the link and get back to me.

I tend to hold people accountable for what they say/do, not for what’s said/done on their behalf. Call me crazy.

Is Chirac mad? You don’t bad-mouth Scottish cuisine when you’re in-country, wullie. And besides, “haggis” is derived from the French word hachis, for “chopped fine.” So much for the auld alliance. Typican arrogant Parisien. Hope they put out a bottle of Irn-Bru and a deep-fired Mars Bar in front of him at the banquet, while everyone else is enjoying some fine Scottish salmon or venison. Prick.

Oh, Liberal. Tell me I misunderstand you!

The Great British Breakfast is undoubtedly the best meal of the day in the Sceptered Isle.

It is among the top Four Things that the British have contributed to World Civilisation. (The other three being Association Football, Malt Whisky, and the phrase “fuck off”–all used and appreciated the world over.)

But the Full English breakfast (and its somewhat superior cousin, the Scottish breafast)…now that’s the kind of meal to go out and start an empire on, lad!

M. Chirac: your table d’hote is prepared. For you, we have:

l’hot dog americane, avec moutarde tres jaune. Et pour boire: Coca-cola. Bon appetit!

If one must insult a whole people for the words of one man, why not simply remind your audience that Chirac is living up to the example of that great Frenchman: Chauvin?

Surrender Monkey is more than a bit unfair.

OTOH, let’s face it, I’d rather eat French foods than Brit foods any day. Outside of pub grub the Brits don’t really have all that much that appeals to me.

Not that I particularly care for the French or their government’s general moronic attitude, but I’m lost with what you are talking about when it comes to champagne and mustard. As for the French being rude, that’s silly. The people in Paris are no more rude than anybody living in any other large city (New York springs to mind). Nobody I know has ever had much of a problem with rudeness in France outside of what’s bound to happen in any other place in the world.

Of course they did. The Germans hit the one weak spot in the French line by going through the Ardennes and got incredibly lucky in pulling it off. Once they were through, they had mobile armor and infantry behind the French lines with no French units available to halt them since they were mostly occupied further north having been fooled by the German feign.

This is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve seen come out of your mouth (figuratively speaking) in a while. Go pick up the book Strange Victory and it will explain in excruciating detail how the Germans beat the French so seemingly easily despite French superiority. Heart had nothing to do with it.

Your assertion that the French couldn’t believe that Hitler was coming betrays an absolute lack of anything resembling knowledge of the actual facts of the case. Not only did the French know he was coming, they knew pretty much when he was coming, too. Not only that, but they wanted him to come because they thought they were going to absolutely beat the tar out of him. Their only problem is that they were completely fooled about where he was going to be coming from and by the time they realized it, it was too late and the German armor was behind them already.

All that said, Chirac’s got a big mouth. He would do better to keep it closed more often.

A link that works would be a good start.