"Freedom Fries" for the Fatherland

I heard on a radio talk show this afternoon that some restaurants are calling French fries “Freedom Fries.” What a bunch of right wing fascist crap! I guess next thing we’re going to be ordered to eat the Freedom Fries for the Fatherland! Heil Bush! I don’t get this whole French-bashing thing, anyway- hell I think the Europeans are right to oppose Bush in this situation.

pomme frites, egalite, fraternite Sorry, can’t do accent marks.

Shrug. I question “beaucoup.”

Do they order “Liberty Cabbage” on their hotdogs now?

With the notable exception of Britain, who is fully supporting Bush.

Are they going to ban French (oops, I mean Freedom) kissing now? Yikes! Or French manicures?


Crap? Ok, I’ll give you that one. Fascist? Uh, I don’t think so.


Ordered by who? Did the government order the word “French” to be removed from menus and signs?

You might think France is right to oppose Bush but how about the way France treats other countries? Did you see how much of an asshole Chirac was behaving towards nations who agreed with the US on the war with Iraq?


“Freedom kissing”, huh? I like the sound of that. Just imagine:

“Ah, c’mon babe, don’t you love your country?”

Yup. He said that siding with us might negatively impact their chances for joining the EU later…which nicely underlines a point that another poster (maybe Sam Stone?) had. The European opposition for this war is coming from a resentment of the overwhelming international power the US has right now.

I say we start planting rumors that we’re going to ask if Bulgaria and Rumania want to the first European representatives of the US. That should give Chirac something to scream about.

As somebody who likes french fries, I find this offensive. “Freedom Fries” is PC crap. We should all go visit Cubbie’s and try to order some Potatoes Hussein.

I’ll have a large order of Freedom Fries, a Fuck Bush burger, and a No Blood for Oil shake, please.

Do you want a “Kick his ass and get the gas” bumper sticker with that?

And what do we call bratwurst now? “Liberty sausage?” “Freedom Weiners?”

Man, you know what I could really go for right now? Some dut-, er, some middle-Pennsylvanian apple pie.

‘Freedom Weiner’ is great name for a ba…N’er mind.

Eh, if this war was about oil, why wouldn’t we just buy it off Saddam?

“Y’know, Saddam, if you agree to up production, tap a few of those northern fields we know you have, maybe allow Amoco and Shell to do a little exploration, we might see our way clear of calling off the UN.”

Keeping him in power would be the best thing we could do if it was about the oil. After all, who burned the fields the last time we fought?

(And if anyone says The US I’m gonna kick ass.)

Saddam set fire to his own oil fields, that’s for sure.

Hmm… my last post sounded a bit sarcastic, but there was no sarcasm intended.

I’ll say it once. It’s flat out racist. There’s simply no other description for it. The people hurt by economic dropoff may or may not have any opinion on the war at all, or any control over their government’s position. To not buy products based on a scattershot association of nationality and ethnicity with a particular position by the government is ridiculous.

Sigh. Where’s the craftsmanship? Where’s the historical perspective? Where’s the love of the grotesque and the feeling of superiority, combined with a pop culture reference?

I suggest an alternate header. It’s offensive, it’s on point, it’s stolen from National Lampoon: “Arbies Macht Fries”.

Hmm, if the last war with Saddam was for oil that means that it was: shorter than the wars for religion (the Crusades), territorial expansion (World Wars I & II), and ideology (Vietnam) and cost fewer lives than any of those wars. So tell me again why war for oil is such a bad thing as wars go?