Boycott French Products?

Thoughts? Would that send an effective message to Chirac?

What message? “We’re a bully and if you don’t agree with everything our government does we’re gonna make you pay?”

Jesus, it’s not like the French are running an apartheid government or something…

They might respond with a cheese embargo.

Should American products have been boycotted when they used their veto over 70 times in the past?

Should the UK have boycotted when the US wasn’t exactly hot to trot over Suez or The Falklands?

My answer to the OP JIC you haven’t guessed is no there should not be a boycott unless the message you want to send is that the US likes behaving like a spoiled child.

Srupid, I hate Bush but he is not worth my weekly dose of Star Trek. So I will continue bashing him and watch the incredible adventures of Captain Archer.

I am no fan of the French, but boycotting French products is kind of childish. It might make sense to exclude them from future joint military programs, but the best way to incourage a common interest is to have lots of trade going back and forth.

Why no call for a boycott of China or Germany? And the way the economies of countries are entertwined these days, it’s pretty hard to identify a product as being from one particular country. Boycott BMWs or Mercedes? Many of those are built in the US.

I for one refuse to participate in a menage a trois.

Just doing my part.

Eeew, Estilicon’s bashing the Bush!


A boycott on French exports could become (to coin a phrase) “a very slippery slope” that may well come back and bite the US in the butt. I had mentioned on another topic that at this point with the anti-American sentiment around the globe, if the US pushes this boycott stuff the fall out could become a problem unto it’s self. You have to ask yourself, what would happen if the world decides that they don’t want to play anymore and refuses to trade with the US?

I do not think that it would be in the best interest of the US to continue to cut the ties that has taken 50 years to build yet it seems like the population of the US and it’s leaders are intent on committing geo-political and economic suicide. All I can say is that we should be very careful about what we wish for cuz we might just get it. Personally, I will not do business with anyone that has taken this boycott approach.

We’d rebuild our manufacturing base with the enormous trade deficit now going to other countries? Fine by me, as extremely unlikely as it may be.

I also find it quite ironic that some would call for boycot of France while we are buying 8% of our oil from Iraq itself.

I wont have any effect on this boycott of french stuff even if it was implimented. I never buy french stuff anyways.

anyone got a list of popular items from France?

Personally, I will refuse to do business with people that refuse to do business with the boycotters. :stuck_out_tongue:

[sup]On a more serious note, I was planning to visit France this summer. I don’t know if I’m boycotting or afraid, but I’m not going[/sup]

—We’d rebuild our manufacturing base with the enormous trade deficit now going to other countries?—

Yes, let’s move back to a form of production we’re less efficient and productive at, all so we can buy fewer of the goods we want! :slight_smile:

—I am no fan of the French, but boycotting French products is kind of childish.—

It’s not quite racism, but the sentiment is roughly the same, and only protective veil of cultural bias prevents people from seeing that it’s despicable in exactly the same way: you people you people, we’re gonna get you people: even if you personally support the war, Mr. wine seller, you’re still [ugh]French[/ugh]. We’re gonna hurt you: we’re gonna send a message, make an example, help teach you boys a lesson.

The Statue of Liberty?

White flags?

Art? Good movies?

I won’t be boycotting the French anytime soon. More likely, I’ll boycott stores/restaurants that do boycott the French, or mutilate names to something like “Red White and Blue Patriot Fries.” :rolleyes:

If the OP means individuals should be able to boycott because they dislike the actions of the French government, then boycott away. After all, it simply would be a form of protest. Heck, if you disagree with the Bush administration, then boycott American goods.

However, if the OP means the U.S. government should implement a boycott of French products, then no. Besides being shortsighted and non-productive, there are probably legal – and certainly diplomatic – issues that would make such an action foolish.

I dont get that. You dont think boycotting france as a statement is good but you will boycott those who will boycott france as a statement of your dispproval of them.


nope. still dont get it.

I remember people like that a few years ago. We called them hippo…somethings.