French Products

Some French products\companies

Michelin/BF Goodrich


Bic (lighters,razors, pens)


Car & Driver Magazine

Chivas Regal (as a Scot this really pisses me off)

Club Med

here’s more (I’m really pissed)

Culligan (home water filtration widely found in US homes)

Dannon (yes the yogurt)


Dom Perignon
Elle Magazine



Jameson (as a Scot, it really pisses me off French cowards own this brand)

Jerry Springer (French company owns it, 'nuff said)


Lancome (cosmetics)


Louis Vitton (Lawn and leaf bags do the same job)

Marie Claire



Motel 6

Motown Records


Parents Mgazine


Red Roof Inns

Road and Track mag

Sierra software( this sucks, cuz I love the games they make, but I won’t play them now) Oh yeah, I can get get them free on IMesh

Glenlivet: see Jameson

any movie made by universal studios (I bootleg almost all movies so no gult there)

Uniroyal tires owned by Michelin

yoplait is French, tough is says Dean’s for Reg trademark

You’ll take my Vuittons when you pry them from my dead hands.

Incidentally, at another message board I frequent, several of the members have announced their intention to boycott all French products … “except my Vuittons of course! I could never give those up!” Personally I don’t agree with the boycotting thing - but it strikes me as odd that these women are expressing their patriotism by boycotting - as long as they don’t have to give up anything that they gasp like!.

Sorry 'bout the interruption - carry on.

Don’t apologize, the great thing about this country is voicing an opposing view. Sadam can’t kill you for it, nor can he or his sons rape you for not aggreeing

Nor can Robert Mugabe. Your point is…?

Two questions, from someone who is genuinely curious:

  1. Exactly what result do you hope to bring about by boycotting French products?

  2. By what mechanism will this result occur?

Mugabe?!? Am i supposed to list all tyrants?

As for the French, 2 generations of my family have died liberating them from Germany. Were it not for the USA, the former USSR would have slowly pushed westward and any scholar of military history knows what would have happened.

France is terrified of what the US will find in Iraq when we open the files. There are open documents in the UN showing that France has at LEAST $20 Bilion (US Dollars) in contracts for oil producton. (The US has absolutly NO financial interest in Iraqi oil.)

France has two reasons to oppose us, one political, one economic.

France is first and foremost looking out for its best interests in Iraqi oil. Iraq has received billions from France in contracts, dependant on the lifting of UN sanctons to open the oil fields.

US doing this for oil? If you believe that, you’re not looking at the BILLIONS of dollars we have commited to giving the Iraqi people a chance of self rule for the first time since the mid-70’s

In closing, albeit a small argument, the world will see soon what a threat Iraq is.

I know it’s easy to buy into the “hippie” movements of the early to mid-70’s, a lot of people want to capture the moment of that era, but it is NOT the same.

[King of the Hill]
Paging Boomhauer …
[/King of the Hill]


… pieces of eight, pieces of eight …

Thanks for pointing out that L’Oreal and Elle magazine are French. I had no idea.

So can I carry on reading Marie Claire then?

Do what you like with her, I’m still ‘reading’ Catherine Deneuve.

Would that be Jameson, the Irish whiskey? As a half-Scot it really pisses me off when ignoramuses claim to be Scots. Vive l’Auld Alliance I say, and the Entente Cordial too.

Disregard my second sentence from the above. For a moment I thought we were in the pit. Sorry.


So you don’t like France because it tries to stop the US from bullying a much smaller country. I hope you will take a similar view when some other large country starts to do the same thing.

I have no idea what the attraction of LV is. Their ware is, let me say, unimpressive.

I won’t boycott US products, but if I ever see Bush or Rumsfeld on the side of the road with a flat tire, I won’t help them out either :wink:

I think it’s entirely appropriate: after all you didn’t say which ignoramus was pissing you off… :wink:

Anyway, since when has Jamey’s been French? And Chivas Brothers Ltd. seems to be based in Scotland, too. Is there some kind of French conglomerate owning them? Not that I care really.