French Products

Cool - I get to play a junior mod ™. From the FAQ:

Not to mention that ignoring copywright is illegal and all that. But, hey, I’ll agree to boycott Jerry Springer - how’s that.

Americans who bash the French are about as ignorant as it gets. These are the people who “learn” everything they “know” from the boob tube, which is nothing but a conduit for the vilest propaganda.

Known worldwide as a very ignorant people, they should get away from the tube and start reading some serious history. They could then stop believing the fairy tale that the US saved the French in the World Wars. It simply didn’t happen that way.

I can hear the howls of indignation now: “My grandfather died in the battle of the bulge!” Maybe so, but the Nazis were finished by then anyhow.

In WWI, There would soon have been an armistice anyway had the US not opportunistically gotten involved. Both sides were too exhausted to continue. There may have been a treaty whereby France ceded Alsace and/or Lorainne to Germandy-again- and Germany may have gotten some concessions in the colonial sphere and THERE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN A TREATY OF VERSAILLES AND THEREFORE NO PROSTRATE GERMANY DURING THE TWENTIES AND THEREFORE NO HITLER AND MAYBE NO WWII FOR YOUR GRANDFATHERS TO DIE IN!!

In other words, US intervention in 1918 helped make WWII possible; perhaps inevitable.

BTW, if it hadn’t been for the French helping us in the Revolution, THERE WOULD BE NO US!!!

As far as I’m concerned, we were paying them back for the debt we owed to them. (by helping them in WWII).

Certainly an interesting moral perspective, there.

Buying a French movie would make you feel guilty, but when it comes to movies you habitually steal intellectual property across the board, and so there’s no guilt involved after all? :confused:

ticker, go away. I’m full Scot, not a mutt, and I know that which I spout off about.

Jameson is an Irish whiskey. However, it’s parent company is French.

As far as getting my history from the tube, I have a Master’s in history from Marquette. I’m hardly a dullard.

America is a bully? Fine. Let’s just let the butcher stay in power to rape women and summarily execute men for doing no more than what we’re doing here, debating opinion. If you like Saddam and hate Bush, move to Iraq. Your stress level will be decreased leading to a longer life, if he doesn’t murder you first for dissenting views.

More later, right now I need a blood pressure pill.

More things to add to my shopping list. Thanks.

"I have a Master’s in history from Marquette"

Gloom and doom, when even historians are making such posts.

And why, “as a Scot”, does an Irish whiskey brand being owned by a French company piss you off?

lite writes: “I’m full Scot, not a mutt,”

And yet, on his GQ thread concerning why France is still a member of the Security Council, he says “I am utterly humiliated that I have French blood in me.”

So, which is it, sir? Are you a full-blooded Scot or are you indeed a mutt?

You ever been to Scotland, lite? Just curious.

Hi lite, didn’t you say the following in this thread?

If you have French blood, how could you be a full Scot? I am now giving you benefit of the doubt that you made an honest mistake. So what is the truth?

Glad somebody pointed out that Jamson is an Irish whiskey. :slight_smile:

Anyway - I had a distinct suspicion that they’d be owned by Diageo, and this site

seesm to says it is.
Dammit - if only I were still librarian for a stockbroker, I’d be able to check all this easily.

Gr - meant to have an “e” in Jameson.

Oh rats - anyone got access to “Who Owns WHom”? Apart from being informative, it is always quite scary reading.


Jameson whiskey is manufactured by Irish Distillers, which is owned by Groupe Pernod Ricard.

Hmm. I wonder if there’s any middle ground between “boycott all French products” and “Love Saddam.” If there is, I might rather like to hang out there. :wink:

Well, I’ve always been more of a beer/wine/sake drinker, but I may start developing a taste for whiskey. Jameson and Chivas it is!

How funny will this become - will parents start trying to withdraw their kids from French classes at school, for instance?

Or ban all French books?*

  • Actually, I don’t suppose anyone would much mind not being allowed to read Proust, but philosophy studens might just want to read Sartre, for instance.

Imagine their pride.

It’s bad enough that you can barely spell the names of the companies you’re trying to slam, but when you have to explain to strangers how you’re not a dullard in spite of evidence to the contrary you really are in trouble.

It’s certainly on the cards. I recall a conversation between members of a school’s board of governors. One was keen to add Russian to the curriculum; in spite of being politically conservative he was a fan of Chekhov, Pushkin, Dostoyevsky and the rest. He was shouted down by another board member who didn’t want the kids learning “a Communist language”.