Can someone give me the final ruling on that flick "Identity"-- yay or nay?

I’ve read that it’s poo and I’ve read that it’s terrif!

Can someone tell me if it’s worth pissing away 4 bucks (without revealing any details, of course) ?

I loved it. So did my husband. Our half-wit friends thought it was just OK. My sister loved it. Worth the four bucks. Definitely.

yay :slight_smile:

I didn’t like it. I had to watch it twice because a lot of the scenes were in the dark and the sound was poor (perhaps the tape I was watching was not good) and I kept missing things. The end was too warped for me.


I give it a full-fledged “Meh.”

The pacing was good, the plot was great, the idea was original, the ending was decent, it was easy to follow, but it just didn’t gel with me. Sorta like the Toronto Blue Jays - they get all the right parts, but just can’t put it together.

I’d say yay. I wouldn’t say it was “terrific,” but certainly interesting enough to warrant a rent. It absolutely wasn’t “poo,” but the easily confused seemed to really hate the end for some reason.

I defintely vote this movie as a “yay”, it is worth the 4 bucks.
Great plot that keeps you thinking…

Cusak’s good, but the script thinks it’s more clever than it actually is. It was so-so, but worth $4.


Yay. I liked it.


Great acting, good plot, beautifully shot.

Rent it tonight.

The DVD is gorgeous, Isabelle.

It was ok.

I figured out the whole movie (much to my friend’s dismay as I related my theory to them) about 1/2 way through.

The ending was more funny than shocking IMHO.

Oddly, “Meh” was exactly the word I clicked here to post, too.

Its twists were cute, but I didn’t have much trouble predicting them long before they happened, and I’m usually pretty slow about that sort of thing.

Just another kill-everybody-one-at-a-time-for-no-good-reason movie.

Go ahead and see it, but don’t expect it to change your world.

You could rent it and find out if you like it?

Where in the world can you get rentals for $4!!!

We’re talking $5.75 here. I’m glad I have a hookup at a local place. Free is good.

Youu’ve brought me thoughts and comments and everything that goes with it / I thank you all

$5.75 for a rental in Kansas? Kansas!? WTH? $3.99 here, at most places.

FilmGeek’s getting gouged. I never have to pay more than $3.50 for rentals, and that still leaves quite a variety of places to choose from (all non-chains).

As for Identity, another yay. Not great, but good and quite fun.

I was actually thinking of “eh.”

It’s alright. I don’t think you’ll be wasting your money.

Continuing the DVD rental price hijack – Los Angeles, CA, $3.75 for 4 nights.

That’s exactly how I felt. A distinct “meh” over here, too.