Can someone give me the final ruling on that flick "Identity"-- yay or nay?

I’ll give it a “Yay!” It didn’t change my life, but it was certainly enjoyable.

FilmGeek - $5.75?? That just blows my mind.

Oozing with style and well shot. I was sorta indifferent to the ‘twists’ mainly b/c i was outguessing it every step of the way. But definately something you should see.

They have movies in Kansas? Kansas!?

Eh, it was okay. Not the shocking ending the film makers were going for.

BTW, .99 cent rentals here in Utah at the local grocery store.

I’ll give it a yay. And actually I’d say that finally here is a kill everybody off flick that does it for a reason.

I saw this just recently on a plane flight and I thought it was just awful. I was really interested when it was first released but never got around to see it, and I’d heard passable-to-mediocre word-of-mouth. I frankly don’t see where even the “meh” reviews are coming from. It wasn’t just 100% predictable from beginning to finish; they went out of the way to telegraph everything that was going to happen. There were some clever ideas in there, but they were ruined by the way the story was told. By the end I was just insulted.

[Netflix fanboy]
From Netflix, last month, I rented movies for a unit price of under $2.00.
[/Netflix fanboy]

I thought Identity was dumb.

Finally saw it and really enjoyed it. Very cool concept. Thought the final twist was a bit much, but would still rate the flick a wowie wow wow in the words of the Continental.

Sadly, not many thrillers today grab you by the short ones as quickly and as effectively as this one does.

I say Yay too, although they revealed the big twist too soon.

I’ll give it a thumbs up, but only barely. The reaons that bring all the folks to the hotel are rather contrived, if you can swallow that and are able to let some loose ends go, it’s not bad. I like seeing Cusack in any grown up role. And Amanda Peete is a real cutie.

Turn off your brain, or at least lower the power, and enjoy.

Identity: good, easily worth $4.

Rental prices: 3.79 for five full days with midnight return; $40 per month from Netflix and we end up seeing about 35 movies per month at that price.

“Meh” to “Nay.”

Somewhere in that range. Predictable.