The 40-Year-Old Virgin is supposed to be a comedy?

I never saw it when it came out in 2005.

People told me it was funny.

I’m watching it now (uncensored) on TV.

It’s not funny. It’s not funny at all. This might be funny if I was 13. Probably not though.

Now I know why I don’t watch many movies.

Have you seen the chest-waxing scene yet? It’s worth watching just for that, although you could probably just watch it on You Tube.

I bet every Best Buy employee who’s seen that movie absolutely cringed. I also wonder how many kids saw that movie and found out the hard way that you cannot act that way at work and get away with it. :dubious:

Yes, it is supposed to be a comedy. No, there is nothing funny in it. I was as puzzled as you. Apparently the whole thought of a 40 year old virgin was supposed to be hilarious to whatever strange person wrote the script. It really makes you wonder.

Yes, it is supposed to be a comedy. It was also a very successful one that was well reviewed and did very well in sales. So most people seemed to find it funny and enjoyed it.

Sorry you didn’t like it. Not all things for all people.

It’s a ‘Romcom’, romantic comedy; gentle paced, sentimental, somewhat wholesome: Mel Brooks or ‘Chris Rock Live’ it ain’t nor intended to be.

I look forward to your future threads “Is ‘Paranormal Activity’ supposed to be scary?” and “Is ‘Mary Poppins’ really a musical?”

I can easily think of 10 “Is (film x) supposed to be a comedy?” I’m guessing each preceding poster could do the same and all of our lists could easily feature not a single film in common.

In other words, why did the OP feel the need to start a thread purely to point out that he considered a specific 8 year old film to not be funny?

“Die Hard - what’s with all the shooting?”

I never saw it when it came out in 1960.

People told me it was westerny.

I’m watching it now (uncensored) on TV.

It’s not westerny. It’s not westerny at all. This might be westerny if I was 13. Probably not though.

Now I know why I don’t watch many movies.

Yes, and it’s fairly obviously a comedy. Unlike, say, Little Miss Sunshine, where it’s a little less obvious how it’s supposed to be funny, it’s just a comedy.

Steve Carrell is funny.

Seth Rogan - not so much.

Well, I sure hope I wasn’t cackling outrageously at a taut political thriller.

I don’t remember hearing many jokes in Silent Movie. That was supposed to be a comedy, too.

Why do you think I took you to all those Police Academy movies? For fun? Well, I didn’t hear anybody laughing! Did you?!

You do realize that you can’t generalize to ALL movies from this one movie, right? Dismissing a genre is one thing, but dismissing all movies? Speaking for myself, I don’t care much for romantic comedies as a genre-- usually they’re not romantic enough or funny enough-- but I have liked a few.

The Magnificent Seven is one of my all-time favorite [del]romantic comedies[/del] westerns. Watching Yul Brynner walk is worth the price of admission right there. And when James Coburn sits down against that fence and pulls his hat down over his eyes… And Charles Bronson chopping that wood bare-chested… what was I talking about?

Sure, romantic comedies are supposed to include romances and hence may not go for screamingly funny every chance they get, but note that the word “comedy” is in there, too. Most romantic comedies have SOME funny moments. The best of them have some real gutbusters: Kathleen Turner sobbing as she finishes her latest romantic potboiler, the famous restaurant-based orgasm faking demonstration scene in “When Harry Met Sally,” the idiot stoner guys in “Knocked Up” working for weeks/months on a brilliant idea for an Internet based directory of nude scenes in movie without bothering to check to see if it’s been done already – many romcoms have com cred.

But not The Forty Year Old Virgin. The closest it came to “funny” in my recollection is Steve Carrell riding his bike on some desperate mission or other. In other words, “This guy is forty years old and he doesn’t even have a CAR!” humor. A REAL gutbuster, you betcha.

The tone of the movie is just weird, because Carell’s character comes across as having some sort of undiagnosed Peewee Herman disorder – slightly on the Asperger’s scale, slightly developmentally delayed, it’s hard to say. Not because he’s a virgin, but because of his extreme social anxiety and childlike demeanor. It gives the movie a vibe whereby the coworkers seem to be treating him more as a pet or a project than a friend. The romance thus feels a bit like *Big/I], which may be the creepiest romantic comedy ever.

That said, I thought a lot of the dialogue among the coworkers was pretty funny.

Weird but true fact: The actor who played the grouchy-old-man coworker is now serving life in prison for the attempted murder of his girlfriend, having stabbed her 23 times.

Stabbed 23 times and lived? Man, that woman is one tough cookie.

When he called the erection hotline to say he hadn’t taken their medicine but needed to report a four hour boner, well, who cares what else was funny after that.

I always thought it was based more on a Circuit City.