Can someone give this poor proto pun a joke?

Though I tend to have headaches on days that end in “Y” (working on it) I was struck with actual phyiscal pain this afternoon while listening to my NPR/music station on the drive to lunch.

It might just be a proto punchline by most people’s standards, but … it’s difficult to tell.

The nebulous joke I have around it centers on a sound tech running out of music an hour or two before the curtain goes up opening night on a production of The Mikado - either the orchestra announcing they aren’t contracted for pre-show music or the collected ovetures tape has busted …

And when asked, another sound tech volunteers a tape from her collection “I have a little Liszt …”

What’s worse than being struck by that phrase is the inability to succintly wedge it into a useable joke (obviously limited to an audience who know who knows a few 19th century composers …)

Anyone able to lend a hand?

The music director of a local production of the Mikado exclaimed “I’ve lost the score! What shall I use?”

Whereupon the rehearsal pianist held up some sheet music and said “I have a little Liszt!”

Yeah, like you can write jokes with Celerity.

I read that “Death is not the worst of Elvis.”

Sorry. I’d usually be right on top of something like this, but today I’m feeling a little Liszt-less.

It’s gonna take Liszterine to get the bad taste of that pun out of my mouth.

It’s not a very original pun, I’m afraid…a friend of mine kept a notepad in his kitchen, which was headed ‘Chopin Liszt’.

When come bach, bring liszt.

A bit of nitpickery: if you want this to resemble the line from The Mikado, it should be “I’ve got a little Lizst.”

Sick. :slight_smile:

Slightly off topic, but once, many moons ago we were at an historical re-creation park (Old Sydney Town for those that know of it), and my mother bought a “Ye Olde Style Signe” that read:

Gone Chopin.
Bach in a minuet.
Offenbach sooner.

She bought it for one of her friends who was a church organist.

Which would explain why Google failed: Error between keyboard and chair.

Don’t worry. One-d-ten-T errors are common.

I didn’t mean to misspell ‘Liszt’ in my nitpickery post. :smack:

See Isaac Asimov’s story The Favorite Piece (one of the Union Club mysteries) for joke.

Would the rehearsal pianist’s name be Schindler by chance?