Can someone help me find this Calvin and Hobbes strip.

At least, I think its Calvin and Hobbes. Anyway, heres the jist of it:

Calvin is taking a test. He doesn’t know the answer to a question and writes “I don’t know” with an asterisk as the answer. At the bottom of the paper he explains that his answer is technicially correct.

This is Calvin and Hobbes, right? If not, what is it?

I remember that one, I think. It’s either Calvin and Hobbes or Frazz.

I don’t that one in the C&H canon.

There’s one in which he responds to a simple math question by saying he can’t answer because it’s against his religion. In the last panel he looks at us and says “It’s worth a shot.”

I remember a Calvin and Hobbes strip that used a similar concept. Calvin is doing his homework, and complains that he doesn’t know the answer. Hobbes tells him to just write “I don’t know.” Calvin immediately latches on to this idea, saying something like, “Hey, that it technically correct, isn’t it?” and writes that for all the answers.

I don’t remember the exact punchline, but he probably ends up making his case to his teacher or the principal when he gets back the F.

I don’t think that one’s in the C&H canon. :smack:

:smack: Preview! Preview!

I remember one kind of like that except he answers the question and then writes at the bottom that he only memorized the answer, he will soon forget it and he hasn’t really learned anything except how to manipulate the system.

I searched AMU Reprints’ site, which has a great search engine, but came up with nothing for Calvin and Hobbes.

For this one, go to the site I linked above, put in “Homework” as the search term, select Calvin and Hobbes as the comic, and it’s the fourth result.

Here’s the link. Sorry for triple posting.

Awesome link, TellMeI’mNotCrazy! Thanks.

koeeoaddi: Here’s the one you’re talking about. (Put “manipulate” into the search engine.)

Clearly I should have just stayed out of this thread altogether.

FWIW this is the strip I was thinking of.