Calvin and Hobbes

I don’t read the papers daily, but I usually get a local Sunday paper. This past Sunday, in the Tampa Tribune, to my amazement, there was a Calvin and Hobbes strip. Now, to my understanding, Sam Waterson retired sometime ago and no longer publishes his strip. So, is this an amazing reversal of events? Or is some syndicate going to be re-running the old strips? Or was it just a cruel joke?

Bill Watterson, and they’re running old strips.

Yeah. It just showed up in the LA Times again. Wheee! :smiley:

My local paper said it was a temporary thing – they’d run it for 4 months.

Anyone know if another comic strip is on hiatus?

Watterson is releasing a swank three-volume complete collection of all of the C&H strips: The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. So the rerun strips (which run through the end of the year) are essentially a promotional move (and also, for some papers, a break to stave off fatigue of “Classic Peanuts” reruns, as C&H is replacing Peanuts for the run).

I still miss C&H, you had my hopes up. :eek:

Yeah, Calvin & Hobbes showed up in my local paper on Sunday. If there was an explanation, I missed it, but it was obviously a strip I’d seen before, not a new one. And in yesterday’s and today’s paper they printed the very earliest C&H’s.

Rerun C&H and rerun Peanuts are still funnier than 90% of what’s on the comics page, especially the “zombie strips” that have long outived their creators or any bit of originality or humor they might once have had. Where, oh where, is the new Bill Watterson or Charles Schulz or [insert name of great cartoonist here]?

Foxtrot by Bill Amend is pretty darn good and has even taken up Calvin’s mutant snowmen from time to time.
Jason is not as funny as Calvin but this has been the closest to Calvin for me.

Nah, he’s still pitching Old Glory Robot Insurance.

I kind of like Get Fuzzy. When I was in high school, I thought the guy who did Zits was living in my house. Dead on.

Oh, and Foxtrot is great on Sunday.

Gawd, I miss Calvin and Hobbes.

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”

I read the old ones on the web.

There isn’t anything as classy, but Pearls before Swine approaches it.

As this thread is turning into “name your favorite current comic strip”, I’ll chime in to give a shout-out to Monty, while adding that I like and regularly read the others mentioned here as well.

I’m down to reading just Foxtrot, Dilbert (still occasionally funny but I work in IT) and USERFRIENDLY which would only have geek appeal but the entire run of the comic is online for free. It was nice to be able to read it from the beginning. If you’re in IT/helpdesk work then Userfriendly is a must.
I read Get Fuzzy in spurts. I find it much funnier to read 2-3 weeks at once then daily. Yeah internet.

Local paper is running it, but they took out “Mother Goose and Grim” :frowning:

No, he retired and then died, as the robots ate his medicine for fuel.

So the metal ones came for him, did they? Pity.

Not in the suck ass Scranton Times, who suck. We’re stuck with the same old Charlie Brown. :mad:

THis is the same outfit that changes the rate of a $40 obituary to a $200 ad if you want to include the name of the deceased’s only grandchild. :mad: :mad:

The Scranton Times sucks. :mad: :mad: :mad:

Yeah, but it’s Scranton. If the paper didn’t suck, they’d have to move the offices to Hazleton.

I believe he’s still on Law & Order, too.

Is the Times Leader the paper there?