Rare Bill Watterson art

Starting with cartoons from his college days:


Very cool. Almost like “Calvin’s Dad - The College Years”

Damn! I was hoping this would show some of his recent work. Has anything he’s done since ending C&H been shown publicly?

:sighs: along with Sr. Smithee.

on preview - adds a bit of hope

Bill Watterson hasn’t really done anything big since his retirement- the only thing I can think of that he’s done that was shown publicly was a review of the biography Schulz and Peanuts.

Very interesting (and very depressing, if not surprising) is the survey of forgeries at the bottom, fakes that show up on eBay and elsewhere, offered as authentic originals.

If I were Watterson, I don’t know if I could have resisted the urge to come after the world with a howitzer.

Damn! I busted three nuts when I saw this thread! Calvin and Hobbes is perhaps my favorite extended work of art of all time. To anyone who wants to lay on the hate because of that statement, feel free to look down your nose at me. I say that because in my youth Calvin and Hobbes idealized what I wish parts of my life had been like, it was wildly funny, the drawings themselves were artfully drawn, the strip was always poignant, and Bill Watterson had a way of always keeping the strip a little above mundane, run-of-the-mill comics while still keeping it accessible. I’ll probably have more thoughts after I’ve looked through the link more thoroughly.

Does anyone know where on Earth the items listed on the Items Page are? Things like the lithographs, the proof sheets, and the signed farewell sheets? I would absolutely love to have some of these to frame and display. I’ve considered eBay, of course, but, as one poster mentioned, Calvin and Hobbes forgeries are fairly common.

The last thing Watterson’s done “in public” besides the Schulz biography interview is forcing an Italian animation student’s adaptation of his work off of YouTube. It was pretty well-done, but I can see his point- it’s a use of his characters he didn’t approve of (even though it wasn’t for profit in this case). I think even those Calvin-peeing-on-something-you-don’t-like stickers have changed the character’s name to “Calvinn” and changed his hairstyle or something.