Can someone help me remember the name of a novel?

There was this shortish science fiction novel that I remember reading several years back. It was humorous and it dealt with time travel. Part of the premise was that time travel is used for recreation – people sold tours of various pocket universes (so that they would not disturb the actual time line). The main character illicitly brings a baby dinosaur home with him. I can’t recall too much else about it. I think it may have been the author’s first novel. I do remember thinking that it was underrated at the time, as I really enjoyed the book.

Sounds like Corrupting Dr. Nice by John Kessel.

The only one that comes to mind for me is *Catface *by Clifford D. Simak. I read the book as a kid in Australia; i believe that it had a different title (Mastodonia) in the US.

It’s decades since i read the book, but i know that central to the story was a small alien who constructed time travel roads, and people used them for tours and exploration. I remember that some of the tours did go back to prehistoric times, but i don’t remember whether or not they brought an actual dinosaur home with them.

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I agree. A fun book, by the way - well worth reading.

Thanks! It’s definitely Corrupting Dr. Nice. I thought it had the word Doctor in the title, but I wasn’t sure, and I couldn’t find it on Amazon as hard as I looked for it.