Can someone ID this FoxNews anchor?

He’s a co=anchor in the afternoon. Usually from 1-2p. Hair parted on the side,glasses and asks the stupidest questions i’ve ever heard. Even by Fox standards. I looked on the Fox website and can’t find him anywhere. He’s on every day.

David Asman?
sorry, no link.

Found one.
David Asman

Yep. thats him. Thank You.

His bio shows he’s been an editor for a number of well-known publications. Does he purposely try to be stupid for his foxnews show? He had a CIA guy on today asking whether we should use torture against al-qaida. When it was time to cut to commercial, asman said ‘yes or no, are we gonna win this war’? Whats the CIA guy supposed to say? No? Thats about how deep all his questions are. In addition there is a FoxNews Alert every 3 minutes on his show. “We interupt this to bring you a FoxNews Alert”–Usually it turns out to be a barn on fire in Idaho or something.

I don’t think the anchor decides when they do a news alert.

I saw him prepping for something or other last summer at the WTC site.

They don’t do those stupid alerts on the evening shows, but in the afternoon they have one every few minutes. Why is that?

They do do (dooo, dooo, ahem, sorry) alerts on the evening shows. The evening shows are where the big guests are, and I suspect the producers are less willing to interrupt an interview that Fox is paying money for or has been waiting for a while for.

In the morning there aren’t as many big name guests and big name hosts on, in addition to there not being as much going on news-wise. This would have the effect of encouraging the alerts that are about a barn fire, etc… However, they usually don’t stay on the barn fires for very long (they’ll just start the news cycle over again, repeat, repeat :)).

This is all just my guessin’. Makes sense, though :slight_smile:

The Onion’s spooky prescience strikes again.

(Look in the “Other News” section)