Can someone identify this appliance? heater? what? in the basement of this house?

The beige box in the middle with all the copper pipes coming out of it. It’s in a house we’re buying in Maine, and I’m not familiar with the heating equipment or whatever it is that’s required for cold climates, having always lived in warm places. Thanks!

Looks like an oil heater for ?central heating?.

Very similar to the one we used to have.

Is there an info sheet from the Realtor?

It looks like some sort of gas hot water heat, maybe for in-floor heating or for radiators.

I believe the copper piping is for radiators, while the red and blue plastic tubing just to the left is a manifold for heated floors.

Sorry. No help here. But I do want to comment that that copper should be worth a tidy sum these days. People steal it off of the outside of older buildings here.

Also, I so envy your move to Maine. I’ve always wanted to live there. Enjoy!

It is a boiler. The house likely has baseboard heat. Looks like good workmanship overall. The main source of heat for the house is oil. The tank to the left is either a superstore or an electric water heater. My guess is superstore, meaning your source of hot water is also oil.

All the blue and red piping are your water supply lines. It could be for heated floors as another poster suggested but it apears to be off the water tank not the boiler.

If you want more info you’d need to take closer pictures can’t make out much detail in that one.

I agree, it a oil fired boiler and the oil storage tank can be seen on the far left.

It’s interesting that both the water tank and wood burning stove have been placed on raised cinder blocks in anticipation of minor flooding but the boiler remains squarely on the floor. If flooding is a potential problem, the cost to replace the boiler would exceed the water tank and wood stove combined.

The boiler is also on bricks they are just of the smaller red variety. It is just good practice to put things up on bricks in basements. I doubt flooding is an issue there. It looks to me like new construction and the door on the right goes to ground level.

I also noticed the spacing of bricks.
Anyone can experience flooding in a basement, as it could also come from inside:dubious:
I see a box on the wall to the left of the boiled, looks like it may be a dual fuel system, like off peak electric.
Very nice layout, would look closely at the exhaust piping, as that is a long run.
What looks like a short wall to the right of the wood stove puzzles me, i it a wood storage area? I have seen several walls like that used to strengthen a weak area in a basement wall.
Is that a spider web at the top of the floor brace?

Could strengthening be necessary because of the door?

The term “superstore” (SuperStor?) is new to me. It seems to be a water heater that’s powered by the boiler…is it more than that, or is that pretty much the gist?

I pretty much understand everything else that’s going on down there; we really have a lot of construction experience, just in the south, where they use heat pumps for primary heat.

The quality of the construction in this house is the primary draw–everything looks very well-built with high-end materials. It is a new construction, but the basement might be old/rebuilt. There was a house fire last year and they started over, but I believe they used the old foundation. The owners have a concrete business, and it looks like if the basement is old, it was at least spiffed up a bit before the new build.

Thanks for the info!

i think you have it right.

the water heater may be an indirect water heater, it has no internal heat source but a heat exchanger loop. hot water from a boiler heats the water in this type of system, the boiler provides both space heat and hot water for the home.