Can someone provide a Groundhog Update?

Every once and a while, I go back to the thread that first really pulled me into the Straight Dope Message Board.

How to kill evil Nazi Groundhogs

I’ve was never really been sure if alsmith/Scylla was serious or spinning a truely wonderous tale to entertain us all, till I noticed it was posted in GQ, not here in MPSIMS.

It has been over a year since the first post in the thread and a little past three months since Manhattan closed it.

Scylla, update please?


He closed that thread?

Does that mean I have to start the obligatory Manhattan pit thread about it?

Well, there’s snow on the ground. Any whistle pigs are doubtless sleeping the sleep of the righteous.

As I mentioned, I made a concerted effort in early spring and summer to eradicate the bastards before their annual breed/scatter. I sniped and used exhaust.

The success or failure of this will be determined in Spring.

Yeah, I was serious. I really have a groundhog problem (dandruff too.)

It’s not like I was being abducted by aliens or anything, to o incredible to believe, was it?

Thanks for the compliment.


No need for a pit thread, he just closed it because of length. I think all of us (Manhattan included) are waiting with great anticipation for the spring posting of a new thread (with appropriate link for historical reasons) updating us on the war.


Having read of your battles against the Evil Nazi Groundhogs I must also humbly request updates this spring. I also just read the Pit thread you just started but I’m scared to post there since I’m just a humble newbie. Hopefully the tractor exhaust contraption and your trusty rifle have thinned the herd. Maybe you could gas them while they hibernate. Evil bastard probably have gas masks though.

Looking forward to updates.