Manhattan closed my thread

I just found out that Manhattan closed The Evil Nazi Groundhog Thread.

I wouldn’t want to break tradittion here, so I guess I’m obliged to bitch about it.

Well, let’s see:

It was getting kind of long, and in danger of glitching, and it seems he was doing it mostly in order to preserve it. He also complimented it.

It was also getting repetitive, and I think most of the substance in the thing had been done, and there wasn’t much to add.

All considered that was pretty damn reasonable, kind, and considerate. The whole thing left me with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Do you expect me to take this???

Come get some bitch!

You still owe me some Phaedy-bucks.

:inor, thinking: heeheeheeheehee
fuckin Scylla…

Hrm. Kinda bland and almost too… heartwarming.




NOOOO! Say it isn’t so ! That’s a very important thread and it in no way deserved this.

Pretty lame excuses, and the compliment was just to throw you off, perhaps jealousy was the reason for the lock, hummmm?

I think you may be jumping to conclusions here, who knows what kind of breakthroughs have been make in groundhog offing technology recently, and without that thread how will you know ?

Absolutely not ! I expect you to march back up there and open a new thread on this topic immediately !

Ok, ok, I’m kidding ! That was a great thread Scylla , and I appreciated it for what it was, and that it introduced me to the SDMB. It’s good to see it preserved in board history. Best of luck on the upcoming groundhog season.

Manhatten also closed a Star Trek thread that I had copied and sent to a Star Trek nut. This seems like an appropriate place to deposit the response.
Thanks, Sylla!

These are easy.

<< 1) Where the hell are all the enlisted men and women in Star Fleet? What kind of military only has officers?

They aren’t all officers. They are called simple “crewman” and they were always walking the halls. The security forces were not officers, wore red shirts and were the first to get killed after beam down.

  1. Star Fleet Academy is shown as a pretty average-sized college and there is never any other branches of it mentioned. How does it train the millions of Star Fleet personnel?

Only some of the captains and some of the senior personnel went to Star Fleet. There were many captains and officers that did not go. I.e.: McCoy didn’t. Most didn’t. As you recall from the Next Generation, Star Fleet Acadamy was almost impossible to get in. Wesley Crusher almost didn’t make it, and he became a new type of life form.

  1. Hi, Opal! (sorry, had to keep up old traditions)


  1. What kind of government continually sends its flagship to uncharted, unexplored and potentially dangerous territory?

In the Original series, the Enterprise was not the flagship, but one of 12 class C (Constitution) starships. In the Next Generation, it was normally Picards call and it was as an exploration ship. Also since the Enterprise D was the most advanced and best equipped ship, it could more easily defend itself from the unknown. Let’s no forget about “Q”. He sent then a few places to.

  1. What the hell is that string of lights that moves in sequence below the viewscreen on the bridge of every single Star Trek ship in every Star Trek series in existence?

It was an “operations” display showing the status of the screen. Then “Night Rider” stole it.

  1. What happened to the original series aliens in the Next Generation? You know the ones I’m talking about… the blue guys with white hair that had little satellite dish antennae on their heads and the guys who looked like anthropomorphic pigs and… most of all… the green women. Rrrrowr.

That species you refer to was from the Original Series, not the “Next Generation”. The Green woman (Vina)was from the original series pilot with Captain Christopher Pike.

  1. Isn’t there a baldness cure by the 24th century? (Re: Picard)

    Yes there is, but the actor said his character preferred his own nature

  2. Why does a French man speak with an English accent? (Also re: Picard)

No one know the answer, not even Picard.

  1. What the hell was that thing that Mr. Spock always looked in that shined a bright light on his face?

It’s a scanning monitor that just so happens to put out light, like all monitors.

  1. How do the Next Generation communicators work? Someone taps it, says a name, and that person INSTANTLY replies. No one else hears it unless they’re in the room with that person. Does the computer travel back in time for a couple of seconds in order to deliver the private message?

Same as today’s devises that have a “Buffer.” You call a name, it’s recorded in a buffer and transferred to the communicator in question. The person called hears it only a second later and responds.

The big question that’s never been answered is the legend of James T. Kirk who is supposed to die alone, (Star Trek 5) but doesn’t. He died, accompanied by Picard.

And not only that, Scylla, I hear that he’s Charyb-dissing you, too.

Links? links?? customary to post links, isn’t it boys and girls?

(Now that I’m over 100 I feel able to say cool things like this)

please post links!

[sub]or rechts if you prefer[/sub]
[sub]I met Art Garfunkle’s brother-in-law[/sub]

I’ve just worked it out - none of the Pit threads do links. It’s part of the game isn’t it? Test of ingenuity.

oh, you delightfully naughty people!

or, as I believe we say down here,

Thanks. Nothing about cats in this thread either, is there?


Memo to self: never get in a punning contest with Dr_P. :smiley:

IIRC, the “Evil Nazi Groundhogs” thread was the very first “Threadspotting” thread, and deservedly so.

This reminded me to email Tubadiva (that’s how you make Threadspotting nominations) to nominate Goat Porn and So I was changing my babies diaper. Both of these are classics.

As long as we’re tossing Classic Scylla links, don’t forget Betrayed by the women in my life (A story of love and vomit) :smiley:

You folks who have been rating Scylla’s OP above are missing a point.

It’s an example of a specialized literary genre unique to SDMB – the mock-Pit rant. In which one pays a compliment to somebody, disguised as a Pit rant.

And it was a good example of that particular genre.

However, the essence of such a satire is in its subtlety. Ideally, one needs to read several paragraphs before one realizes that one has been had, that it’s actually a mock rant.

Scylla was not sufficiently subtle in this one. His respect for Manhattan’s judgment was obvious from the beginning.

Therefore I would be forced to give it an 8.2

However, it shows the author’s potential for future satirical rants, and extra points for effort should be awarded, bringing it to an 8.4 or 8.5

Scylla, you’re my hero. It’s now my goal in life to create a thread close to the magnificence of your Goat Porn, diaper, or love and vomit threads.

I will not be stopped!

[sub]Of course, I probably will be stopped after a half-dozen futile attempts.[/sub]


Actually I think you missed it. This is not so much the compliment disguised as rant (I would have done that much better,) as a mockery of the theater of the ridiculous that comes into being each time somebody’s oh so precious little thread gets shut down.

I also like figuring out ways to call Manhattan my bitch and get away with it.

Oh yeah - Goat Porn’s already on Threadspotting. My bad.

Well, I guess my newbieness is officially over. “Evil Nazi Groundhogs” in Threadspotting was the very first thread I read on the SDMB. I’ve been hooked ever since. Thanks, Scylla, it’s all your fault.