Can someone recommend a dentist who is not a sadist?

I am in the Houston area and just got back from one. I literally freaked out hyperventilated and called it quits. The guy seemed sorta pissed when I told him I still felt the jabs. He said I can’t work like this you got problems. I need some work done any recommendations? how’s sedation dentistry work any experience with that?

I have had MANY problems with dentists. Sadism among them.

Also, ones that hear you out, and then do what they were going to do anyhow. There frequently are alternatives to most dental problems, in my experience, dentists automatically hate ideas they didn’t think of, even if the alternative would work too.

I have a terrible dental problem right now, and I am still wavering about going in because going in CAN be worse.

I finally found a dentist that I can work with. We had a couple successful appointments before I had a panic attack during the process of freezing. They were awesome, stopped, gave me oxygen til I calmed down then discussed alternatives. Let me know it was completely my decision if we continued or stopped. I was there for an hour past my appointment time and we only got through half of the planned work but I was able to go back to finish it at another appointment. Previous experiences have caused me to just stop going.

Unfortunately for the OP I’m in Toronto, Canada and that’s a bit of a commute for a dental appointment.

yeah this guy was raise your hand if it hurts. I raised it he kept going til i finally started thrashing around. then he stopped with annoyed look and kept going again did not even ask if I was okay. I finally said stop how much I owe you let me out. Now I feel like he busted something, shit this sucks.

eno801, I am in the Houston area and I am very pleased with the bedside manner of my dentist. His office is on the west side (Galleria area). What area of town do you live/work in? PM or email me if you are interested, and I will give you his name and phone number.

Too bad you don’t live in the Baltimore-D.C. area. My dentist is a freakin’ miracle maker.

i spoke to my mother on the phone and she said maybe a female dentist would be better. any opinions on that? I got the feeling the dentist wanted to say like that nurse in the other thread “just man up already” lord knows i was trying. but jeez when I said i was feeling it at least let up a bit, don’t apply more force!

I have a female dentist and she rocks. She’s excellent at giving the novocaine shots - I don’t even feel them - and she’ll stop and give you more if you want. I did that once during a long procedure (I had four fillings all done at once) and I could feel the stuff starting to wear off.

I actually found that 1-800-DENTISTS were always a great to help to me finding dentists when I traveled a lot. If you explain you’re absolutely terrified and make it clear to the operator handling the call, you need a dentist that CAN WORK with someone ABSOLUTELY terrified, they can make a pretty good referral.

I’d at least give them a call to see.

Do you go to Dr. Smithberger too? He’s great!

He’s also young, and his office has all sorts of new fangled equipment. Maybe recent training and fancy gizmos help.

It is not ever going to be sensation free, but the pain can in fact be minimal if the dentist is skilled and careful and cares about that sort of thing.

I started doing sedation dentistry after a bad experience with a new dentist - he couldn’t freeze my tooth enough for it to not hurt when he was messing with it, and he just kept jabbing more and more freezing in. I think part of it was the look of fear in HIS eyes, too - that he didn’t know what else to do. Sedation dentistry is wonderful for the hard to freeze and those with dental phobias (and if you’re hard to freeze like I am, you can get a dental phobia from all your dental work hurting so damned much).

You take a couple of pills half an hour before going (a sedative and a tranquilizer, I think they are), they give you another pill at the dentist and wrap you in a warm blanket in a dark room, and next thing you know, you’re staggering out to your ride with all the work done.

Last time we switched dentists, I was very up-front about how I’d had major issues getting numb in the past and had pretty serious dental phobia as a result. I suggested horse tranks and/or a hammer to the skull.

She told me that oral sedation + nitrous, allowed them to get me really numb. She still used novocaine, but that worked better because I had all the rest on board. And with that combo, I wouldn’t even be aware how much time had passed.

A combination of Halcion (a benzo-class sleeping pill) + nitrous (which always causes a brief panicky moment as it takes effect… honestly I don’t see why anyone would do nitrous recreationally) and I was stunningly relaxed. I was in that chair for 5 hours (had a bunch of crowns, inlays and fillings to be created). While I was aware of time passing… I didn’t CARE.

Since then, I’ve had other teeth worked on and have graduated to the point where I can relax enough to have it done with “just” nitrous + novocaine. Since you have to have someone drive you to/from when you use sedation, that’s a big help.

I had a root canal done (after one nightmarish root canal sans nitrous / extra drugs… horrible) where I met with the endodontist and told him I’d be using Halcion. He said he wasn’t used to people needing that, and I assured him “trust me, you do NOT want me sober”. It was - well, not “fun” exactly but tolerable. Only once did I start to feel “that might be about to hurt”, and it went away.

Anyway - hopefully some folks will have specific dentist recommendations for your area. You should talk to said dentist before you have them stick anything in your mouth. Some folks are just very hard to numb, and some dentists are better at figuring that out and dealing with it, than others are.