Can someone stop using a CPAP for sleep apnea?

Originally from this thread, before it got locked:

Does anyone know how often (if it’s even possible) for someone who’s been using a CPAP to treat sleep apnea to get off of it? Like, say, after weight loss or whatever?

There are a number of alternatives to CPAPs.

Dentists often advocate Oral Appliance Therapy.

There are other Intraoral devices that can be used.

In addition, a large range of types of surgery are available depending on the cause and severity of one’s condition:

Some people have tongues that are too large or positioned in such a way as to obstruct the air passages. That can be treated by mandibular myotomy:

In short, there are large numbers of ways to get off a CPAP. But you can’t choose one off the Internet. Talk to your doctor, your sleep clinic, your specialist, and your insurance company first. These procedures are highly individualized and many of them may simply not be suited to you personally. The same applies even for something as simple as weight loss. While most people with sleep apnea are overweight, mere weight reduction may not help if the cause of apnea is a physical obstruction.

I understand that there are non-CPAP treatments for apnea, but I’m more curious about the frequency of folks who started using a CPAP for apnea and subsequently not needing it.