Can someone tell me about Slingbox

Long story short - wife and I are separating. Sad story, trying to keep minimal impact on the kids, life moves on.

Trying to keep expenses to a minimum. For television, I was told to look into Slingbox. The basic idea would be that my sister, who lives in Canada, would get an extra receiver. I, who live in the U.S. would use that via Slingbox to get T.V.

I’ve looked on the Slingbox website, but I’m still not clear what I need. Ideally, the setup would work where my sister’s cable box would be controlled by me. I have an HDTV, but not internet connected. Assuming that I have an internet connection at my new place, what equipment do I need to have in order to use her extra cable box on my T.V.

Assume that I have high speed internet and a wireless router. Thanks.

I love Slingbox. I used it while stationed in Germany to get American television. Similar set up as yours, I used an extra receiver at my brother’s house.

For best results, you will want to get two boxes. For the receiver at your sister’s house, you install a Slingbox SOLO (don’t bother getting the Slingbox Pro-HD. The SOLO does HD as well and is all you need for what you’re doing). You connect the box to her receiver and to her internet connection. The Slingbox also has little LEDs that you stick to the front of the receiver so you can control it with a remote in your house.

In your house you want to install a Slingcatcher at your house. You will connect it to your tv and your internet. The Slingcatcher comes with a remote control, and with it, you can watch and control the receiver at your sister’s house through the tv at your house. There is a tiny delay in the remote response, but it is more than tolerable.

Is the Slingcatcher wireless connected? Where I will have my internet connection/computer is a distance from where the television will be.

Wired or wireless. It will also let you sling any window from your laptop to your tv through wifi. This works well for showing a quick youtube video on the tv, or Power Point presentations or sharing pictures off the laptop or whatever.

Agree. And, long as ur home internet stays connected, it worx beautifully. The picture quality too, is better than what I expected, even viewing on a non-specialized ordinary Dell laptop. As a bonus, their tech support knows their stuff and was able to debug a problem during setup (required some resets). FWIW, I have HDTV and the HD-pro Slingbox.