Can someone tell me what is up with North Korea?

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Today I read:

What are they hoping to gain over the U.S.A (or anyone else) with this.
Do they have a plan to take over the world (Pinky).
Is this just a case of sour grapes because Dubyah put them into his “Evil axis” speech?
And most of all, after we finish off with Iraq, are we going to start preemptive strikes against them as well?
I just don’t get the importance, lots of smaller countries have the nuke, and it hasn’t exactly caused a big change in the balance of power as far as I can see. And further, what right does the U.S. have to dictate the military policies of other countries? Especially when those countries represent nothing more (militarily) then a mosquito on the backside of a military power such as ours. If they managed to hit Seattle, say, with one nuke the U.S. would turn their country into a parking lot, they must know that. So what’s up with all this. :confused:

Ok, NOW I see the massive thread that addresses this.

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Not to say that I totally disagree with you, but

I know your mosquito analogy was a bit cheeky but let me draw it out a little more by bringing West Nile Virus into the mix. Mosquitos can now kill people (indirectly). I see you are in South America, but FYI we here in the northeast USA have really mobilized and started taking an agressive approach at the mosquito/WNV problem, before it becomes an epidemic. Now that parallels the North Korea situation a little better, don’t you think?

Second, while I’m not 100% comfortable with the US in the role of Unilateral Global Policeman or Nuke Enforcement Agency, clearly we have to take a concerned interest when our neighbors start developing WMD’s, especially if said neighbors are certifiable nutjobs.

I’m not sure that they do know this. I’d like to think they do. They may be hoping that we’d be hesitant to detonate nukes in North Korea, where weather patterns may cause fallout to (eventually) sweep over the West Coast of the USA.

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Yes, the mosquito analogy was just a bit cheeky but that is what I have been led to believe, and a lot of what I know about our military capacity comes from these boards. If I know it, from public sources, surely they must know it, (no?). Now, the Idea of the weather patterns is something I had not considered. Further upon reading the previously mentioned
** Massive thread**
I did not realize that NK was a protectorate of China (makes sense though).Also NK has traditionally been a diplomatically communicative country, though not always favorably so, they do talk. But still, what do they have up their sleeves? What’s this all about. I’m not asking what are we gonna do about it, I’m asking why is it happening? Do they have some kind of agenda?

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I know there’s another thread on this subject, but here’s a neat analysis of North Korea from the Beeb.

Thanks jjimm That is what I wanted to know!