Can someone with a PS3, non-GoTY copy of Oblivion help me out?

After hours spent playing Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition on the PS3, I ran into a bug with the “Cure for Vampirism” quest in which Melisande will not accept one of the necessary ingredients, Bloodgrass. I am unable to finish the quest and stuck as a vampire, which makes gameplay and exploration very difficult.

I’ve been told that a workaround exists in the form of loading up the saved game with a non-Game of the Year edition disc, turning in the Bloodgrass, saving it and then reloading with the GoTY disc. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to the original disc.

**If someone here has the original PS3 version, would you mind loading up my saved game and doing the steps above and then sending it back to me? It should take only a few minutes and I’d be very grateful :slight_smile:

(To load my saved game, extract the .zip file onto a USB memory stick and use the PS3’s “Saved Game Utility” to copy it. Do the stuff in Oblivion, exit, and copy the new save back onto the USB stick. You can either PM me for my email or upload it back to the free service.)

Thanks in advance!

Sorry. I tried to get your save game to load and the game just hung up and did nothing after loading the save data. I am not sure why. I have the standard non-GOTY version of the game.

Really? That’s such a pity… sigh. Well, so much for that game.

But thank you very much for trying.

That was infinitely more helpful than Bethesda’s “Yeah, we know about the problem. There’s not going to be a patch. Suck it (no pun intended).” tech support response.

Yeah, I read up on all of that before I got the game. I couldn’t believe they would have such a huge bug and just decide it wasn’t important enough to patch. Oh well.

Do you have anything in your inventory that is shimmering isles related? Maybe that is causing the hang up.

If you wanted to try some more save files to see if we could get it to work.I would be happy to help I’ll be away til Sunday but next week maybe we can get it figured out.

Ah, screw it. Don’t worry about it; I’m through with the game.

But thanks again.

No problem. It was fun loading the game up again. I was looking forward to seeing what another person’s character looked like.

Ah. Since you are just going to be using the game as coaster - feel free to send it my way. :slight_smile: