Can the Dem's get an electible candidate for President?

Question 1:
For the Dems out there who refuse to call Bush Mr. President, if he is reelected (or elected) will your view of his Presidency change? I realize most people won’t forget the sins of Florida, but will people such as Micheal Moore call him Mr. President instead of Mr. Bush? Will you call him Mr. President?

Ok, real question:

Question 2:
In reality, assuming we win the war in Iraq with minimal causalities and assuming the removal of Saddam goes smoothly (I know these are big assumptions), how likely is it that Bush will be reelected? Right now the Democrats are very divided and while rumors circulate about Kerry running, there doesn’t seem to be a front runner. Will this change? Can the Dem’s unite?

Quick answer: Howard Dean. I think that he may surprise a lot of folks. As to the war business, don’t forget that President Bush part 1 had even higher approval ratings than Jr. and still lost the election. My guess is that most polling data is probably best viewed skeptically.

As to the Mr. President question, I guess that a lot of how things go will depend on how compromised the election seems to be.

The way things are going if the Dems put up a chicken for prez at least half the population would vote for it. GWB will never win re-election but Americans and the world will be forced to live with his mistakes for years.

It depends on what the conditions will be one year from now. How will the economy be one year from now? How is the reconstruction of Iraq going? Will there be another terrorist attack? If things break right for Bush he will be unassailable. If things break wrong he could be steamrolled. Lieberman, Edwards, and Kerry are all electable if things go right for them. The Dems are currently looking at an uphill climb and whoever the nominee must be one heck of a politician given the fractious nature of the current Dem coalition.

Bill Bradley would probably do well, but as is the case for many Americans these days, I’d vote for damn near anyone the Democrats nominate.

How likely do you think it is that a Republican challenger will go up against Bush in the primaries? I would not be at all surprised if, as I suspect, he looks pretty vulnerable going into the primary season.