Can the mere taking of excessive photographs be considered stalking?

Story here

Prosecuter John Molinelli said in a statement that defendant Joseph Delpriore would pay to enter events including girls soccer, volleyball, girls tennis, girls track and football games throughout Bergen, Essex and Passaic counties. More than 1,400 photos were found on his camera, Molinelli said.

Okay, so this is definitely creepy, but is taking photos in a public venue really stalking?

From the story:

“Members of the Bergen County Prosecutors Office Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit arrested Delpriore at his home after an investigation revealed that he specifically targeted two female high school athletes at volleyball games”

Sounds stalkerish - but in terms of creepy, he doesn’t measure up to this guy.

Jesus Christ. A guy can’t even collect children’s urine anymore? What’s the world coming to?

I have to assume that there was some other contact/reason for them to assume stalking, because 1400 frames is not, in fact, all that much. In pro shoots I’ve done, I shoot at around 200 frames per hour, and this stuff is portraits or food photography – i.e. the subjects aren’t moving fast and I don’t need to shoot in “burst” mode to be sure I got the shot. For a sporting event? 1400 photos might be 3 games total.

If he’s a sports photographer, or even a serious hobbyist, the number of photos by itself doesn’t raise red flags for me. In fact I sure hope they have other information than what’s stated in the article (is he already on the sex offenders list? has he showed up in their neighborhoods or followed them places?), otherwise they sound ridiculously paranoid. A camera won’t steal anyone’s soul. :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically, a school gym is private property (or does it become public property if it’s a public school?), but if they didn’t want him taking photos at an event where literally hundreds of people can see the girls already (many of whom are probably also taking photos), they could have refused him entry.

IMHO (and this is post is nothing more than just that: opinion), this is just one of those things that is undoubtedly creepy, but creepy ain’t illegal.

Unless the pictures on his camera involved underage kids without their clothes on, he’s not breaking any law.

Well I’d have to see the photos.
Is he zoomed in on their butts or something?
1400 is nothing in today’s world of digital photography.

He bought a ticket and took photos at sporting events. Perhaps he an armature photographer. Perhaps he is a fan of volleyball and these two girls are good players.
So really, it’s up to seeing the photos.

Can’t creepy men just stand by the chain link fence and grunt during high school gym like they did in my day?