Can the Republican Party find its way again?

This thread is not about the election. Well, not exactly, anyway.

In a thread I’m too lazy to look for right now, I spoke of being voting Republican in my youth and changing parties a few years back. I did so because the party has become so co-opted by its most extreme and ruthless elements that there was not only no longer room for me, but also little reason for me to believe there ever would be again.

The current campaign is practically an exemplar of the problem. I used to really admire many republicans, McCain among them. Though he might support policies I opposed, I didn’t believe he did so for corrupt or venal reasons. He was a man of honor, I thought, and men of good will could disagree.

Senator McCain is not that guy anymore. He’s been seduced by the most horrid elements of his party, and perhaps has let that happen because he thinks he can come back from it later. But I don’t think he can. If he wins he’ll be beholden to the neocons, and if he loses, the rabid elements will redouble their effors to seek power for its own sake. That’s my take, anway.

Anyway…can the Republican Party possibly find its moral way again, or is it, as an institution, utterly irredeemable?

Yes, all is lost forever and ever.:rolleyes:


Back in '94 people were saying the Democrats were completely finished. I should rest my case.

I’m speaking as a conservative and not a Republican per se, but folks have to look at the bigger picture. Had Gerald Ford (a piss poor Republican) won in 1976 we probably would not have had the Reagan years which slashed taxes and help kill the horrible inflation and high interest rates we were suffering from.

Had George Bush been re-elected in 1992, we probably wouldn’t have gotten a Republican majority in congress as a response to Clinton. That majority ushered in the fine economy we had in the 90’s right up until the last year or two with the Dems in charge of congress.

The next 4 years will give Republicans time to dust themselves off and weed out the goddamn moderates. By 2012 we’ll find a true conservative of the 21st Century and after 4 years of an insane Obama regime the people will be eager to usher in whomever it is. I like Paul Ryan from Wisconsin myself.

I’m not talking about the GOP returning to power (especially as I’m not convinced that Senator Obama will win the election). I’m averring that the party has embraced an immoral path to power over the last eight years, and wondering whether it can find its way back to being honorable.

All in all it’s not that dishonorable. But stipulating that it is keep in mind that pols retire, die, get defeated, etc… It’s very cyclical. The face of any party will change over time, even without trying.

I vaguely remember back in '02 and '04 one of the political parties kept chortling about something called a permanent majority. Damned if I can remember which one, though. Do you, by chance?

“Weed out the goddamn moderates,” you’re a card, you are. That’s the cause of your problem, not the solution.

Yep.Reagan the original deregulator who was the father of this mess that may take the whole world down. Thats a heritage to be proud of.
I remember when he said he wanted to take the foot of regulation off the neck of business. How"s it working out?

What Reagan did was deregulate the S&Ls without touching their federal deposit guarantees. A Libertarian administration would have abolished both; a Democratic one would have left things as they were. Doing it Reagan’s way let the S&L managers have their cake and eat it; they got to speculate wildly, knowing if they succeeded they’d be rich and if they failed Uncle Sam would cover the loss. That’s the Republican Party’s problem right there: Doing whatever the business interests want, which generally leads to disaster. That’s what the Pubs need to purge if they want to be relevant again.

Either yall are wooshed, or I am.

Pkbites, are you being serious?

I fear it is so.

Why are you fearful of the fact I will not be voting for John McCain?:confused:
From your link:

*And the idea of a Democratically controlled congress with a McCain Presidency scares the shit out of me. *

As does one with an Obama presidency. Either way we’re truly ass invaded!

The Republican haven’t changed any, it was GW Bush who convinced them to follow him. Bush showed what a President can do when he’s determained to have his way regardless of harm to his party.

This economy will get worse and will remain bad for at least a year. It may take up three years to get back on track, after which Obama, the likely winner, will be getting blamed.

Everyone was saying how corrupt Nixon / Agnew were and how they killed the Republican party. But it only too Iran + Carter’s inablity to flex some muscle that brought the Republican back and the world forgot about Watergate.

Had 9/11 not happened GW Bush would’ve still been trying to prove he didn’t steal the election. Notice how quickly that was forgotten

The GOP could save itself, but as long as its soul is that of inarticulate lower-middle-class rage wanting only to follow a hard man, it is never even going to try. The party at this point is about as public-spirited as a pack of rats who have eaten all the Chee-tos in the pantry.

Um…no. There was a little more too it than that. You think this economy is bad? Pfft!
Try inflation over 13%, unemployment over 8%, interest rates in the high teens/low 20’s.
Iran was just icing on the cake!

There is still a difference between Obama (ass invasion with Vaseline) and McCain (without).

I agree with you here, BrainGlutton. It’s what I’ve been saying: the U.S. needs to decide to either go with socialism or go with capitalism. While I would prefer the latter, we’re now on an insane middle path of letting bad business practices fail as if we were taking the laissez-faire route, then bailing them out when they do. Either prevent them from failing in the first place or do not interfere at all, don’t spend $700 billion in a futile attempt to shove the cat back into the bag.

And it’s government mandates to give the poor homes they can’t really afford that caused these companies to extend credit so wildly in the first place.

Vox Imperatoris

Lube or no lube, I refuse to voluntarily take it up the ass. 4 years from now you won’t be able to blame what’s going on on account of how I voted. Unless of course I actually get elected.

But then everything would be fine.:smiley:

I noted your earlier post regarding this. I agree that they’ve lost their fiscal conservative platform. Unfortunately, Congress is currently run by a 2 party system: Spend and Spend More.

Why is it that when the economy prospers under a Republican president and a Democratic congress, you credit the president, and when it happens with the roles reversed, you credit the congress?

Faith based politics. “The Republicans are good for the economy” is an article of faith for some people, and all evidence is reinterpreted or ignored to support that article of faith. The same goes for “The Republicans are strong on defense”, for another example.

The political Right in general seems to work like that; declare something they want to believe to be the Truth, and ignore any and all evidence to the contrary. As opposed to us poor lefties in the “reality based community”.

I have all faith that Beware of Doug is completely correct, and that the Republican party is so intellectually and morally bankrupt that they will not be able to make a rapid recovery. I expect that they have instilled such blind devotion to the brand that they’ll be well into the wilderness before any sanity can be restored in their ranks.

They’ll be back, however. Constant vigilance, my friends.