Can this thread be moved back, please?

This thread: was moved to “Marketplace” because, as the PM I received said, “Just wanted to let you know that I’ve moved your thread about the CafePress T-shirt to our Marketplace forum. That’s the place for discussing and touting one’s merchandise.”

I’m not discussing or touting my merchandise in that thread. I was very specifically careful to not mention my products nor link to them in any way. The thread is about whether a product preview at a certain website is ugly enough to turn off potential buyers or not–it has nothing to do with anything I’m selling. I believe the forum change was wrong.

I agree. When I saw the thread, my initial response was “Is she peddling her shit again?” but it really has nothing to do with her merchandise, and is about how terrible the sample shirt on Cafe Press is.

I agree and I reported her post with the reasons you stated, in case she doesn’t see this thread.

Yeah, I’m not buying it.

I thought it linked to a T-shirt you were selling. I’ll move it back, then.


Thanks Ellen Cherry.

Yeah, I wouldn’t buy that tshirt either.