Can verbal contagion affect message boards?

Verbal contagion is a concept where if two people spend a lot of time with each other, they will start to speak like the other person. -Not sound like, speak like. Usually this will mean that the person will opt for the other person’s diction or shorthand.

I have noticed, a couple of times after posting comments to a few boards, that my diction starts to deminish after a certain number of posts. In effect, I start to become like someone who makes poorly worded comments on Youtube, or as seen in the Apple App Store reviews.

Is there a form of Verbal Contagion for posting to websites?


I can has “Not quite the same thing” ? byekthx.

My spelling has improved drastically since I started hanging out on the dope. I’m surprised I’ve never been pitted on that. Setting a good example is the most effective form of criticism.