Can we ban the idiots?

And I mean the idiots who are seemingly proud of or at least apathetic to their ignorance. These people show no capacity to learn and add nothing to the board other than giving posters a consistent source of comedy (of sorts). I know nothing like this will ever happen but a guy can dream can’t he? :slight_smile:

BTW, if this was possible, I’d only ban about a total of 5 posters. I think most everyone has a pretty good idea who those 5 are. :wink:

I appreciate the entertainment.
Wait, I’m not on “the list” am I?

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I was hoping you meant “can we ban the idiots from life”

Well the novelty has worn off for me.

Ambivalid, you ARE talking about the Canadicans right?

The idiots are some of the most entertaining posters. Now if we could ban lefthanders…:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s rather sinister.

If the SDMB bans idiots then either (a) I am the only person left on the message board or (b) I cease to be on the message board. I’m not sure which.

Not my forum, I know, but it would be really bad form to list anyone here. I hope you all understand that.

How gauche.

I’d prefer we ban the obvious trolls who simply act idiotic without the capacity to learn.

I’m in favor of banning the idiots as long as we spare the merely really not all that bright.

Yeah, this thread is useless without names. Everybody has a list of people that they consider idiots. This thread should have been started in the Pit.

Do you think he had sinister motives?

Really Not All That Bright will be relieved to hear that.

Marley tried banning the idiots here once. It didn’t work out as well as you’d think.:wink:

Moderator Action

Yep. If you want to call other users here idiots, the Pit is the place to do it, not ATMB.

Thread closed.