Can we choke on a fart?

If we don’t relieve ourselves from a fart, is it possible that it might push up, and choke us?

Probably not. It would escape as a burp.

WOULD a squelched fart actually travel ALL the way back up our intestinal tract and come out as a burp?

Something tells me that it’ll just come out as a fart later.

No comebacks! once something passes out of the duodenum, it’s committed to traveling thru both the small and large intestine. In fact, once it leaves the small intestine, there’s no going back, either. Now, dogs are capable of vomiting up the contents of their small intestines, but people can’t.

What really happens is that it leaks out very slowly, and inaudibly. This is why some women can claim they don’t fart. They just hold it in and convince themselves it hasn’t gone anywhere when, in reality, it’s sneaking out a few microliters at a time.

Personally, why a prim, proper woman would want to reabsorb something so nasty is beyond me. You’d think they’d excuse themselves to go rid their fair carriages of such foul corruptions and preserve their purity and sweetness.

It is healthy to hold in farts, especially in younger years. It exercises sphinctoidal muscles that will be essential to prevent unwanted bowel movements in later years.

I can’t believe the Egyptians actually built a monument in honor of the sphincter muscles. :rolleyes:

Must disagree. Failing to vent flatus may be a contributing factor to diverticulosis, which can lead to acute diverticulitis, and the need for emergency surgery. My advice: Leave the room, and let fly.

Qadgop, MD

Gotta trust the doc.

I cannot think of a more fitting duscussion for me to talk out of my ass. I tried to hold it in, but I just had to let it fly. :smiley:

Why is it then that doctors have advised aging men and women to deliberately stop the flow while urinating? If this strengthens bladder control muscles then why wouldn’t it work for rectal muscles?

Oh, come on, Qadgop! As much as I belong to the Let It Out school of solid, liquid and vaporous waste, I find it hard to believe the pressure resulting from retained flatus could be so great as to cause your intestines to react by forming diverticula.

I mean, the anal sphincter isn’t air tight - how much pressure could build up behind it? I know that more than a few that I was trying to hold in have squeaked out.

(Of course, neither am I going to take advice from anyone who uses the word “sphinctoidal.” LOL )

When my mother was younger she was visiting friends, and she wanted to fart, she held it in, and said that weird things happened to her. It wasn’t a very pleasant situation. That’s why I wanted to know if really bad things can happen if we don’t “let it fly”.

I can’t believe nobody’s posted this yet. Helloooo??

Does suppressing the urge to toot endanger one’s health?

Thank you, DuckDuckGoose! I learned in med school that internal pressure can increase enough to cause diverticulae if not vented, now both the Lancet and Unka Cecil confirm it!

Remember, bughunter. The colon is not just a stretchy balloon, but a muscular tube, fully capable of clamping down and increasing pressure drastically on the inside. Anal probes (domestic, not alien) have shown pressures of up to 10 psi, and that’s a lot!

I had a colonoscopy (something like that) recently and never felt like farting so much in my life. At what pressure do they insert the barium ? Trying to imagine the pressure of 10 psi internally know full well that 10 psi can completely deform a 45 gallon drum.

And here I thought the question was about what would happen if someone farted on someone else’s face…


Qadgop, you’re a doctor, so probably the best qualified to answer this. Can you explain to me how the gas in one’s body decides if it’s going to be a fart or a burp?

Now that the Doc has answered difinitavly… DONT you all remember the WEIRD EARLS where the fetish site was all about sticking a tire up nozzle up your ass and blowing air into your large intestines to make your stomach look pregnant??? If THAT wouldnt come out as a burp I dont know WHAT would.

MY GOD!! And no hamsters were harmed even!

No. I have no insight into willful or volitional gas.

So there’s no validity to the saying: Why throw it through your ass and waste it, when you can throw it through your mouth and taste it.