Can we get a list of foods that should not be "brown-bagged" for lunch at work?

Kimchi. I loves me the kimchi, but if I ever took it to work, the staff would tar and feather me!

Funny I never thought sauerkraut as anything that would be offensive in a 2nd hand sense. And I never considered it as a meal in itself.

I am also Durian Curious.

Butter-flavoured microwave popcorn should be banned, but only because the chemical-fake-butter-smell permeates everywhere and makes me very ill. Ugh.

Mostly, other people’s lunches just make me hungry.

I second any type of fish, especially tuna.

Or pickled anything. One guy at work regularly brings in various pickled food items. The other day it was pickled garlic. Not that I’m against it, but the smell lingers and lingers and lingers…

My contribution: Haggis or egg salad.

The aroma left 3 hours later from microwaved hot dogs aren’t pleasant either.

I agree that the odour of an egg salad sandwich is nauseating.

There’s really nothing that bad about haggis. How could someone eat cheap hot dogs and hamburgers but think that haggis is “gross?” It’s really a very inoffensive meat, with a bad reputation.

Fish that you’re going to eat cold is your business.

Fish that you need to heat up is going to require a really big brown bag so that you can also bring your own microwave with it. Fish in the communal microwave reeks and makes everything cooked for the rest of the day taste fishy.

Some milder fishes like tilapia and orange roughy aren’t that “fishy” – especially when microwaved or baked with lemon, as opposed to deep fried.

Reheated chitlins.

Whole boiled eggs.

Pigs’ feet.

Any sandwiches on rye.

A custodian at our school used to occassionally drink sour milk for lunch. You heard me: sour milk. Nice guy, but I made it a point to avoid him in the afternoons.

I got banned from my boss on garlic soup once and curry cup o noodels once too.

What’s wrong with rye?

I’m going to add my vote for the “No Limburger” contingent. I’ll eat it, but, by Og, I don’t want to smell it when I’m not eating it. Especially not warmed over from a brown bag lunch.

I tend to be pretty easy going - but I’d likely have problems with some of the lower grades (or is that better) of kimchi.

I usually eat a little envelope of Cup o’ Soup at about 11:30 a.m. so I’m not quite so ravenous at lunchtime, and I’ve been recently informed by a nearby cube dweller that it makes our area smell like pee.

A wise person once told me, “I’ll eat it, but, by Og, I don’t want to smell it when I’m not eating it. Especially not warmed over from a brown bag lunch.”

I don’t care what anyone else brings for lunch, and I would expect my coworkers to respect me and my culinary choices. It’s food people. It isn’t rotting garbage.

Bacon. Unless you plan on sharing it with the entire office, then stop putting it in the microwave - it makes everyone want some.

I’m the biggest offender at the office.

Well, except for the Chinese, but that goes without saying.

I cook almost every night of the week with the intention of bringing in leftovers. That includes curries, pan seared and/or grilled salmon, garlicky spaghetti sauce, chili, chicken cacciatore, etc. etc. etc.

I’ve been the cause of much lunch envy but I’ll be damned if I’m going to start bringing in fucking hot pockets because they’re inoffensive in the nuker.

Anyway, with the Chinese, I know that I’ll never be the main olfactory offender.

Don’t get me started on people leaving shit in the fridge. Or the jackass who just decided this week that the enitre top shelf is for the 12 coke cans he brought in.

Not to hijack the other topic, but this really creases me. Recently there was a sale at our local market on Lean Cuisine meals, something ridiculously cheap like 10 for $1 or something. Two women decided to buy about 50 of them and fill up our entire freezer at work. THE ENTIRE. FREEZER.

At my workplace, everyone eats in their own offices. Most of the judges and judicial assistants have their own mini-fridges and microwaves, so we never see or smell their lunches. There is also a small central kitchen down the hall with a sink, mini-fridge, and microwave, and only my one co-worker and I ever use it. It’s a fine situation for everyone… but I still smell it when someone burns popcorn, no matter where they are on the floor.

Whoops, that should have read 10 for $10. If they were 10 for $1 I’d be buying 50 of them, too.

A little sauerkraut story:

Recently my SO was in the hospital for an outpatient surgery. In the pre-op room they parked him in the bed that was right next to the nurses breakroom. They had a big pot luck lunch it being Friday and all and someone had brought what must have been a huge bucket of sauerkraut!!! The whole pre-op room reeked, but we got an extra special blast of sauerkraut gas every time they opened the door to get another heapin’ helpin’. ICK.

I agree that any fish-related item should be banned from the lunch rooms across the nation. Not only does it stink when it is nuked, it leaves more micro-fish-waves to come out when someone innocently tries to nuke their fish-less Lean Cuisine later in the day.

My office just recently banned microwave popcorn. In addition to the smell, it also causes a mess because people are always dropping kernels on the floor.

I don’t think durian deserves its bad reputation. It just smells like tropical fruit. Think papaya x 10. Yes, it’s a fairly strong smell but it’s not the equivalent of exhumed body. And it’s dee-licious. Nothing like a durian shake on a hot day.