Can we get a list of foods that should not be "brown-bagged" for lunch at work?

Right now, the top of this list for me is:


Somebody in my immediate area is eating sauerkraut for lunch and it’s making my eyes sting.

Really fragrant and pungent things just shouldn’t be eaten at your desk.

Limburger cheese?
Pickled herring?

I big salmon steak.


Is it really necessary to bring tuna fish to work?

At least the low carb craze is over. No more people eating a hot dog without the bun like a little kid!

urp…, sounds about as bad as lutefisk.

Salmon’s fine, as is tuna, as long as it’s not been sitting out for too long.

But sauerkraut just penetrates.

Something else that’s pretty nasty is burnt microwave popcorn. Even the unburnt version is pretty pungent. Happily, nobody on this floor seems to like micro popcorn - I have seen offices where the stuff is forbidden, just because of the smell creating an “unprofessional” environment.

My old office had the same ban. I think it was a good idea. If it burns, you can smell it everywhere. Even if not, the office isn’t a movie theatre.

Any kind of fish. Eggs, particularly those breakfast burritos (particularly if I’m hung over). Really, really garlicy pasta (but only because it makes me want some.)

And ditto on the microwave popcorn, although it’s pretty funny: someone will make some, and then you’ll see people wandering the halls trying to find who made it so they can snitch some.

Microwave tuna casserole. Ew.

How about fish eggs?

Curry, if they didn’t bring enough for everyone.

Damn, I’m hungry…

Good quality caviar is served cool and doesn’t really have much of a fishy odor.

Anything Belker ever brought for lunch on Hill Street Blues !I work in a hospital with a large number of Filipinos. I could give you a list a mile long, but I can’t spell any of it. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, just about any fish is particularly nasty as leftovers. The microwave seems to intensify the fishiness.


Potato salad.

A former co-worker’s former office (if that makes any sense) was evacuated when someone cut open a durian in the lunchroom.

Holy crap, I had never heard of durians before.

Apparently eating one of those is like “eating custard in a public lavatory.”

I am getting some very nasty office prank ideas.

A guy who used to be the maintenence man here had a deceased brother that had owned a bar. There was a big, movie theatre-style popcorn machine in the bar. Our guy brings it over here and people would have regular bags of popcorn, in the shop, in the office, everywhere.

Then the people who bought the bar noticed that they were short a big popcorn machine, tracked it down, and re-po’d it.

Nobody here does the microwave popcorn anymore, either.

It didn’t help that I worked at a sardine factory.

(Buying tip for those who love sardines: Never buy sardines with fancy ass names like “Millionaires” or “Select Small” - these are the bottom of the barrel fish, really disgusting stuff that you do not want to know where they come from - marketed under a hoity-toity name so people think they’re getting something special. Oh, they’re “special”, all right. shudder)

I’ve always wanted to try durian. I hear that even though it smells like rotting flesh, it tastes delicious, sort of like a creamy caramelly custard with hints of vanilla and… garlic. There is a place in town called Lollicup that specializes in boba tea and fruit juices and slushes, and next time I go, I’m ordering the durian smoothie, dammit.

Some places ban popcorn because if it burns it sets off the smoke detectors and forces a building evacuation.