Can We Get Zombi John Banner to Be Atty General?

Because even a shambling and decaying Sgt. Schultz who craved brains would be a step up from the current fuckwit we have.

Schultz at least had charm and personality. Gonzales? He can’t even get members of his own party to like him! Given that they pretty much have been willing to rubberstamp and overlook everything Bushco has done, that’s beyond pathetic.

True, when Sgt. Schultz said “I know nothink”, it was believeable.

What is it with politicians and distressing surnames?


We’re going to have a Speaker Reaper next, or Congressman Nuke-Em-Till-They-Glow, or Representative Nyarlehotep.

I’d prefer his brother Bruce.
Justice should be Green.

And imagine the possibilities in “A.G. MAD! A.G. SMASH!”

Wonder what measure of DoJ “output” he’s using? Conviction rate? Crime stats? Contents of Alberto Gonzalez’ ass?

Number of Election-Stealing Democrats railroaded into jail?


Repetitive chanting of the Justice Department’s new slogan: “There is but one president, George Bush, and Alberto Gonzales is his prophet.”

Specter? Would that be the well known Republican Arlen Specter, who Fox News identified as a Democrat in todays coverage Gonzales’ testimony?

But they neeeeeeeeeeeeever do that! :smack: :smiley:

Was Arlen hating freedom again?


I never understood before that if you beat your slaves to speed up their work, they will be happier. By definition. :rolleyes:

This I got from Fark: Documents Contradict Gonzalez Testimony
I’ll be here patiently waiting for him to go to jail. I won’t hold my breath though.

I imagine he would have to be charged with something by a US Attorney. By the time that happens, you may be on a ventilator.

I’m sure Bush will be more than happy to [del]give him a get out of jail free card like he did with Scooter[/del] support the Congress’s efforts to get to the bottom of this.

It’s not like he’s gonna arrest himself.

As I understand it (and don’t take my word for this), prosecuting a charge of contempt of Congress requires Congress to go through a US attorney, which is obviously not something Congress can rely on in this case. However, I believe there is something known as ‘inherent contempt’, which involves the sergeant-at-arms and other such officers of the Congressional retinue/whatever personally taking physical charge of the target and placing that person in one of the cells in the Capitol jail.

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However, the latter power has not been used since 1934.