Can we leave wallet guy alone?

Picture me as the britney spears guy.

Really though. It’s borderline stalking at this point, and too much personal info on the guy has been posted here. I lost my damn wallet many years ago and I’d be pretty pissed if some message board was throwing my name and personal information around.

What are you talking about?

The interminable Found wallet from the 70s thread in GQ.

ETA: interminable in every sense other than the actual, that is, it having just been terminated.


Lost Wallet 2: Electric Boogaloo. As if the thing hadn’t dragged on long enough.

There has been a thread in another forum about someone finding an old wallet, and trying to find the guy. There wasn’t anything valuable in it, but in the course of the thread the person’s name and information has been bandied about.

Wow, really? I’m surprised they’ve let that go on.

I thought this was gonna be about the Viking invaders from the commercials.
“What’s in YOUR wallet”.

Carry on.

Personally, I was ready to scream every time that goddamned zombie thread would pop up again.

I didn’t mind. It’s become a Doper tradition.

Lost Wallet II - I Still Know You Lost Your Wallet Last Summer