Can we make this not become a board meme?

From this thread :


If you’re indifferent about Opal, you don’t have to use the meme, but don’t rain on everyone else’s parade.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to. This is the only thread in which I’ll comment on the matter.

If there’s going to be a new meme, I liked 3. Bye Opal. Makes more sense that way, or just leave it as Hi Opal.

Either way, calling attention to is the exact wrong way to try to make it not a meme. And if the mods didn’t tell Snowboarder to knock it off with the quarry stuff, they’re certainly not going to tell people to not say 3. Miss you Opal.

I don’t think this was addressed to the mods, but rather to the board membership in general.

Correct. I also realize that whatever will happen, will happen, regardless of my opinion.

Yeah, like a rebelious teenager, this board will do the opposite of whatever you nag about. For the record though, it does strike me as corny. I think the “3. Hi, Opal” is much more touching.

Complaining about it is likely to make it happen more frequently, not less.

do your bit and come up with a four item list.

  1. Complain about new board meme.
  2. ???
  3. Bye, Opal.
  4. PROFIT!

In many things board maybe, but not so with memes. Nothing kills a potential SDMB meme like talking about it. At least that’s how it seems to me.

Would should make it a meme to not use the term “meme”. And yeah, that’s way meta, too!

Odd thing about the OP’s meme, though, is that I’ve been on this board since 2002 and I don’t ever recall interacting with Opal. The only way I know anything about her (I assume she was a her) is that meme. For someone so talked about and celebrated, I missed the whole thing.

  1. Take it down to the quarry
  2. God bless you and a country singer:):):slight_smile:
  3. Bye Opal

All those shall pass in time. Best to ignore them if they bug you.

I keep wanting to post 1920s-style “death ray” references, but that one seems to have died out.

So, the first rule of “Meme Club” is…

gotcha ya!

Absolute truth. But long term I don’t think this will become a huge thing.

I was making a list in my head today and it went:

  1. Thing one
  2. Thing two
  3. Too soon?

It’s nice to know the answer to #3 is no.

It should be pointed out that OpalCat herself HATED the “3. Hi, Opal!” thing. She herself wanted the meme to end about 10 years ago.

That’s also true, yes. Dopers can run a joke into the ground like nobody else. :wink: