Can we not flame SunGazer to death? OK?

SunGazer popped up in a thread on hypothetical asymmetrical nuclear war, and made a comment about the USA being properly a republic not a democracy, which I have heard from various GOP partisans before. But SG was not a typical rightie, more America First/isolationist I thought.

I said:

SG replied with a link: Republic vs. Democracy

Which I pooh-poohed.

Then I did some looking:

Oh.* Oh.* And here I thought he was some kind of Ron Paul fan.

OK, guys, try and be civil, we have a confused person here who really misunderstands how the legal system works. These “freeman on the land” types are prime targets for con men, besides getting themselves in trouble by their own confusion.

This would be a great time to actually fight ignorance instead of just viciously mocking it. Hate the ignorance, not the ignoramus!

Oh, who’m I kidding, there’s gonna be a Pit Thread with 20 posts of self-righteous hate, and the poor guy will just slink away disgusted with us and then get himself incarcerated massively into debt on some “sovereign citizen” scheme.

Can we at least try to do good?

Do I need a decoder ring to understand all this?

Foolsguinea appears to have a bee in her* bonnet about some new and likely short lived poster, so she’s started at least two threads to not mock him.

*I think she’s a she. I know I am he, and we are the Eggman.

Thanks Oakminster. I wasn’t sure whether I was being whooshed.

But are you me?

Between their username and their comment in this zombie thread, I suspect they may be a proponent of “Sungazing”, which is exactly what it sounds like and enough to get them flamed by itself.

Properly, the sun is undergoing nuclear fusion, not combustion.

…just keeping with the spirit of the OP.

OK, it will get them nuked.

Happy? :smiley:

Don’t kid yourself.

Ever since we stopped the blood sacrifices, the Sun is just a big flaming ball of gas in the sky.

Can someone explain to me how this is “About This Message Board”?

Actually, I’d start with an explanation of how this is about anything at all, but I would appreciate an answer to my first question.

Why Does the Sun Shine?

People who walk the ‘Sovereign Citizen’ or ‘Freeman’ path have no connection to reality and are relatively immune to logical arguments about their position. I may be wrong and maybe this one will be unlike all the others and actually demonstrate some intelligence and critical thinking skills, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Especially when said person thinks it a good idea to introduce their views via hijacks of more than one thread on other topics.

And really, this belongs in the Pit, since it is not about board administration or moderator behavior.

Yes, this should be in the Pit.

This is a very weird thread.

Hey, I’m just trying to have a conscience about how I treat confused people. I think we do the self-righteous piling on too quickly sometimes. SG is a kooky libertarian, and I could see the annoyance at the “dumb new guy” coming, and wanted people to actually try to explain why his ideas are crazy, not just be the jerkwads we often are.

Good grief, I used to believe in hard money. People on this board helped me get past that. Ignorance is not the same as unteachableness.

Like I said, weird thread.

I thought your other thread started out appropriately sympathetic. Believe you me, no one would like to save fools from scammers more than me, but there’s just not a lot we can do over the internet. You may need to content yourself with the idea that people like Sungazer are a lost cause but you can still expose the absurdity of their arguments to the invisible crowd of lurkers.

Can we flame him now?

“Ok, I’ve been told to stop hijacking this thread, so here’s a ton of links that are completely unrelated to it and oh, could you delete my membership?”

Sure thing. Come back when you learn manners.

It’s not my fault. You didn’t delete my membership!