Can we please get past this "-gate" convention every time some scandal occurs?

“Storm in a D-cup”?

I suggested “Beat Up Waiter,” but was shouted down at the Press Club.

One major scandal that seems to have escaped “gate-ism” is the Iran-Contra affair. Although I distinctly remember watching something on TV when the whole thing was going on, where this guy insisted on calling it “Iran-Gate”. Even though I was just a kid, I thought “That’s never going to stick! It’s awkward, and it doesn’t even make sense!” Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from gate-ing things ever since then.

I’m afraid I agree with Larry Borgia; on top of that, the Watergate hotel that originated the term, continues to be scandal central:

A bit of trivia: Monica Lewinsky and mr Viagra, Ex-Sen Bob Dole, lived next door to each other at Watergate.

We’re all just gate-aholics.

I surprised we haven’t heard Taepodong-gate yet.

Now it’s equally Tricky:

Why does Hollywood like Dick so much?
I am not a crook!

I remember Tunagate!

For those not in the know: A member of the Ontario government’s cabinet in the mid 90s wondered why poor people weren’t eating healthier when such things as canned tuna were available. After all, canned tuna was cheap and healthy too. This did not go over well with most of the electorate, the rest of the cabinet, or the press. Thus, the necessary damage control became known as Tunagate.

Thank you, Doors, thank you, thank you. I’ve been saying this for years. The stupidest part is that it gives the impression that Watergate was a scandal about water. :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite is Wonkette, they refer to the new hookers at the Watergate Hotel as Watergategate :slight_smile:

A D-cup Dome Scandal?

(sssttttrrreeeeetttcccchhhhh way out there…)

I hope someday there’s a scandal involving the CEO of Microsoft, just so we get to see “Gates-gate” on the evening news.

Funny, how this “-gate” business was just an accident of the hotel’s name. Think for a moment just how much richer our language would be if the hotel was called, for instance, “The Peacock”.

Airman Doors USAF
I agree. I’m sure some people would consider your “-gate” scandal suffix a minor rant, but that is what makes it so annoying.
This is something that can be changed. (By that I mean it is more easily changed than preventing people from shooting up their workplace, or stopping negligent parents from doing despicable things or a variety of other topics that usually reach the Pit.)

Oh, so close…Tempest in a D-cup.

The reason I called it ‘Nipplegate’ in my thread was to differentiate it from the rest of the Super Bowl Halftime scandal which included a male streaker, offensive TV ads as well as Kid Rock.
I am not actually a fan of the whole “-gate” naming. But that is what it is called. What else can I call it.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t there a big gap between ‘Watergate’ and the next big scandal with “-gate” ?

I am not actually a fan of the whole “-gate” naming. But that is what it is called. What else can I call it?

Teat-gate according to Jon Stewart

I think that might be a matter of national differences.

In Australia, where i’m from, most people say “storm in a teacup,” while in the US i’ve most frequently heard “tempest.”

Not really, Koreagate came in 1976.

Which is what former Doper Drain Bead uses as her LJ title.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute…

We have a person protesting the abuse and trivialization of the suffix “-gate” whose OWN name ends in “Doors”?

I smell conspiracygate! Or conspiracydoors!